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An RPG with testicular fortitude.

posted by Equaliza (CHARLESTON, WV) Oct 10, 2006

Member since Oct 2006

Story: Okay, in truth, the storyline confused the heck out of me. But maybe you'll have a better understanding of it. The entire game is an action-RPG, like a first person shooter, except more with swords and sometimes bows instead of guns. An extremely intricate, complex, detailed storyline overall. (4/5)

Gameplay: Although the game is massive, with some of the most beautiful graphics and hundreds of items, enemies, NPCs, and places to go, the game is extremely slow and sometimes too boring to drudge through. As far as RPGs go, this is what I like to call a "MSPRPG", or a Massively Single Player RPG. Just to give you an estimation of what it's like, think a less cartoony, more serious single player version of World of Warcraft. Another bad thing about it is the slow fighting, that is very lopsided. Either it's TOO easy to kill something, or it's darn near impossible. (4/5)

Controls: Somewhat confusing, you'd have to play for a little while to really get the controls. (3/5)

Sound: Stunning soundscapes and some of the most beautiful music you'll hear in a RPG. It certainly sets the mood of every area, of every city and dungeon, and the world itself that you navigate about. (2/5)

Replay Value: Most people will stop playing this after a while and not finish it. Those who do, mostly won't pick the game back up again. Those who do replay it, have much more patience and dedication than I. (2/5)

Overall: Remember the first Final Fantasy, for the NES? Remember how long and difficult it was, yet fun and rather addictive to most? Well, Morrowind follows in the same vein, except it's ten times longer, thirty times more advanced, fifty times more interactive, and a hundred times complex. Although this complexity and length of the game, as well as the slow pace of the traveling and fighting, can be boring, those who can stomach it will find Morrowind another great RPG in the Elder Scrolls series. Play this if you want a challenge. (15/25)

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posted by maddog2575 (HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA) Sep 14, 2006

Member since Jan 2005

this game is amazing. it may not look as good as its older brother but its great for a game that's a few years old. first of all the graphics are great for a game a few years old. The game is HUGE. the downfall is that the missions are almost all the same, its either collecting something or killing someone. But other than that it is a great game and I recommend it to everyone/

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What's the Big Deal?

posted by millerm (LOLO, MT) Jul 19, 2006

Member since Jul 2005

I don't see how this game deserves the praise and reputation. The game concept was very interesting even though the game its self was horrid. The biggest problem this game had was how confusing the missions where. Perhaps it was me but i found myself having to repeatedly look at in-game journal to find objectives and mission locations. Also i couldn't get into the game. A RPG is supposed to make you feel as if your a warrior slaying dragons and busting dungeons, but this game just left me bored. However the night elves were incredible, they looked great, and i really hope i see that character design in games in the future.

Although i did not play this game, i would still suggest at least trying this game. I wont deny that this game has good potential.

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