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My 6 yr old liked it

posted by Drknight (BOWIE, MD) Aug 5, 2009

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According to my 6yr old:

"The game was fun but it was too easy. I easily finished the game in a couple of days. Also, the second player couldn't be anything other than a squirting cockroach. The roach wasn't even effective in killing the bad guys....totally useless."

Overall, it did keep his it couldn't have been that bad. He ultimately did say he liked the game but it's not as good as Mario Galaxy, or the Lego game (Star Wars, BatMan etc)...we decided to mail it back instead of buying it.

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Good effort, but gets old very quick

posted by turnstep (PHOENIXVILLE, PA) May 10, 2009

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A lot of attention has gone into this game, and it is fun .. up to a point. You alternate between three different characters, each a different style of play - first person racing, 2D platform, and 3D platforming. Each character has its own quirks and enjoyable ways to play, but it gets very old, very quick. Even when you finally "win" a stage, and hope that the characters might do something different, they don't - more of the same. After a while, it's just a boring combination of "kill the bad guys / solve the mini-puzzles" with an occasional touch of "annoying platform jumper". On the plus side, the lack of death (you simply restart with slightly less points) plus the constant chatter between the characters might make this an enjoyable game for young kids.

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Monsters Vs. Aliens: A Winning Contest

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Apr 8, 2009

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What's this? A game based on a hit movie that isn't there just to draw more money out of the customer?
I say it's true; Monsters Vs. Aliens is one movie-based game that I found a lot of fun to play because the game makers took the time to put in inventive game ideas and levels.
In this game, you play several levels. In each level, you play as one of three main characters of the film, Susan, B.O.B. or the Missing Link. Each character has a different challenge (sort of).
When you play as Susan, you are on roller cars (or alien ships in the last levels), skating through an obstacle course. You have to dodge, jump, duck or smash your way through the obstacles.
In the other two - the Missing Link and B.O.B., you play a 3D platformer. But there are some great ideas.
For instance, B.O.B. can cling onto walls and ceilings. At certain parts of the level, he gets on a small platform and blasts enemies with (for lack of a better phrase) explosive loogies.
As for the Missing Link, he can take out large guns and bolts when you wave the Wiimote in the fashion shown on screen. He can also pick up enemies and toss one into another.
A second player can join in and blast enemies just like in Super Mario Galaxy. It's a lot of fun.
But not all is paradise for this game; getting B.O.B. to jump onto the wall or ceiling is a hit or miss proposition, grabbing enemies is tougher than it should be, the fixed camera can be a pain, and the main mode will take about six hours to finish - very short for a $50 game.
There's the ususal mini games and extras found in many other games of the genre, but these extras didn't excite me in the least (they should make four player, not single player mini games.)
Still, Monsters Vs. Aliens demolishes many other movie based games (Tale of Desperaux, Coraline, Madagascar Escape 2 Africa come to mind). But the $50 price tag is a bit on the steep side. RENT IT.

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