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good game, i liked it

posted by roberts85 (ANNANDALE, VA) Mar 28, 2011

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the story and sound is alright, though i did laugh at the intro of just the kid walking out into the woods in the middle of the night to see what some strange sound was.

the gameplay is well-done and level layout is very similar to metroid, but i do enjoy the inclusion of melee abilities and pet special attacks (not worth having him out following if not using them) though i really only used him during boss fights.

shrug, the monster pet isnt necessary outside of certain switches and monster encounters, and while it is interesting to see the different forms you can chose to evolve it into (which you can switch between anytime), it's nothing to get hung up worrying about unlocking.

the shop upgrades are nice, and while you can grind for them, the further into the game you get, the easier money becomes to get when just killing the monsters in your path, so don't really have to worry about that either.

the only downside is that you're forced to do a decent amount of running back and forth through areas you've already been too when you've unlocked new abilities that help you get to areas you've passed but couldn't get into before, which becomes a sorta annoying later on as the map layout is fairly large.

so i gave it a 9 out of 10, since aside from that last note i enjoyed the rest of it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Very fun sidescroller with RPG elements.

posted by tiloho (OSHKOSH, WI) Jun 6, 2011

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Member since Jun 2005

The gameplay is similar to the castlevania games for the DS(including the map). The main difference is your monster partner and the different evolutions and ablities he can learn and level up. The look of the game is bright and colorful and set in contemporary times(including a monster dance club). There are plenty of items to buy for both your character and the monster(including a larger life gauge). The story is completely different and more interesting. Every so often your journey will be interrupted by little cut scenes about the other humans in the monster world. There is plenty of retracing you steps to reach new areas once you gain new ablities but it seems to add extra monsters to fight as well so it doesn't get monotonous.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Another proof of DS concept

posted by HLarge4 (WOONSOCKET, RI) May 18, 2011

Member since May 2010

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I have a problem. I love monster tale. It's all at once a fun creature sim, a good metroid clone, a beautifully palattezied world and just a tone of fun. A the same time the game's challenge is almost non-existent. It was a quick whirlwind of room after room of brilliant design and somewhat diverse enemies that all ends up being more like a formality than a gripping adventure. In the later portion some of the enemies offered a bit more in the way of obstacle, but ultimately the experience just felt like the kind of speed-run you'd preform after allready dedicating hours into learning a game's ins and outs.
But please don't let that distract you from the fact that this is a wonderful experience. The music is marvelous chiptune, the characters are charming and the entire pet sim became something of an obsession for me. Tremendous Kudo's for the brilliant implementation of juggling defeated foes to beat more and even greater treasures out of them. Juggling is a lost 2d art and its nice to have a chance at it again.
Is it perfect, no. But I'd be the first in line for the sequel. A special kudo's to the team who brought back such a fun experience.

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