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Monster Mayhem: Build & Battle

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Needs a better battling system

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 15, 2009

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Tokyo is not the only city with monster problems. In Monster Mayhem: Build and Battle, you create a hulking beast and unleash it into the city to save it from other huge creatures.
The create part of this game is the best part; you can select from several features to customize your monster in many ways. You can also change colors to fit your style (or lack of style). Once you create your monster, out it goes into the world to battle the evil guys.
And this is where the game goes wrong.
While out in the city, you wander about, smashing objects to collect items to make tonics which increase your attack, heal your damage, increase one of your monster's abilities or reduces an ability of your opponent.
But there are a lot of indestructible items, which takes a lot of fun out of the game (why can't I demolish a house?) and figuring out what I can destroy makes this game annoying.
So after a bit of item hunting and tonic creating, you get a monster alert, and use the map to find out where the bad monster is. You wander off to that area and start a battle.
A Rock-Paper-Scissors battte.
I'm not joking. There are three atttacks - each attack beats one other attack and loses to one other attack. The AI uses a pattern in its attacks, and if you figure it out (not that hard to do), then beating the opponent should be easy.
But it also makes the game very dull. Every battle is the same: figure out the pattern and use it to beat up the AI monster.
And that's it. You go back to finding more items and battling more monsters and making more tonics and battling more monsters and finding more items and...zzzzzz.
There's no real story or progression on display here. There is a two player mode, but it's just a one on one "Rock, Paper, Scissors" battle.
If you are a kid (or know a kid) who's really into the Monster Mash, then you might want to give this game a rent.
But for most of us, Monster Mayhem: Build and Battle is just too bland and repetitve. SKIP IT.

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I kept thinking..When is this going to be fun?

posted by VegasRiv (LAS VEGAS, NV) Sep 20, 2009

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This game is the PITS. Bloatware at it's worst.

Gameplay is boring.
Graphics are boring, unless you like 90's era claymation.
Sounds are equally as mundane and lame.

It's a chore to do even the most simple tasks, checking the map is even time consuming and pointless.

Monster combat is nothing more than rock, paper, scissors with the occasional booster card thrown in for good measure

Not even worth a rental.

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just take it off the site.

posted by exavior66 (Allenwood, NJ) Sep 27, 2009

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this game. is TERRIBLE. i didnt even mean to put this in my q and when i got it i was like whatevr worth a try... i played for 5 minutes and totally hated every second. If your over the age of like 4 this game will have absolutly no appeal. Graphics cheesy at best, custimization is really mundane, and the acutal fighting doesnt use any wii motion or anything just pick from 3 moves and hope it works.

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