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Monster Madness: Grave Danger


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You really are better off renting than buying

posted by Cabbit (Seattle, WA) Jun 15, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

My advice is to not buy this game, but instead to rent it if you need to laugh a bit, unless your terrified of eight legged things from heck((don't say the S word!!!)) those things are everywhere, and my friends totally took advantage of my screaming every five seconds they appeared >> Anyway my key points for this are Storyline, Glitches (like major ones) and Voice Acting.

Storyline: I've heard of B movies, but this one definitely is a B game. The storyline is silly, and very B movie like with comical mischief and mayhem. Playing off of bad horror movie spoofs, this game had a lot of potential but just didn't make it.

Glitches: I did like this game, but at a lot of times the glitches made it hard to enjoy it. I had one time where the Grim Reaper boss teleported behind the gates, and never came out. I had to reset my game to beat him the second time. Other times you can get stuck in random areas, like if you are walking along into the edge of something, searching for things you can get stuck in between the walls and cliff edges. The only thing that worked like half the time to solve that was to throw a bomb at my character. Hoping it would blast her/him out of being stuck. Most of the time though, it didn't work, and I had to restart the level over, repeatedly. The view change is.. really bad, they should have let you like change the camera view yourself.

Voice acting: The voice acting is really bad, so bad me and my other gamer girl friends were laughing during most of the cut-scenes.

The character of Jennifer was a pretty stereotypical cheerleader and we had to roll our eyes by her but if you like video games, you have to learn to deal with stuff like this ><

Like just rent it unless you're the kind of person who just has money to spend, and if you really love this game.


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The WORST Gane I have yet played on the PS3

posted by Thanos777 (MESA, AZ) Apr 19, 2009

Member since Aug 2006

This Game would have deserved a "Bad" rating on the PS2.

And some of the WORST voice-acting I've ever heard -and I've heard a lot of bad acting.

I'm trying to excuse the overall poor quality of this game by pretending that the makers of this game were on a very low budget...but even a low budget doesn't excuse the holes in this game.

I think that I'm being VERY generous by giving it 5.

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Monster fun

posted by clawss (PITTSBURGH, PA) Jan 24, 2009

Member since Feb 2008

This game is hard.U get to drive cars,use chain saws,make ur own weapons,and kill zombies every 5 seconds.This game tops every thing u played in yo life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!!!!

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