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Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia


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posted by Gaminggod7 (EAST NORTHPORT, NY) Jun 25, 2007

Member since Jul 2006

i always look forward to games of the 4 player co-op type in this mix of zombies ate my neighbors and hunter the reckoning but you think taking 2 good games and combining some of the better parts of each would be good, yeah not this time all you really do is just swing away at crowds of zombies and other creatures which gets dull very fast even with 4 people and there are no combos or leveling up all you do is swing look for parts for upgrading weapons and swing some more. and why were some of the parts impossible to get? they are everywhere cant you just make them reachable without having to have everyone wait just so you can get one part that was very poorly done. and at least put in leveling up so when you spend 20 minutes killing guys you at least level up so you don't feel like you have waisted so much time make it a little rewarding

this game was a good try but with way to many flaws to play and enjoy at the same time
and isnt the fighting in a game supposed to be fun not tedious?

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Worst game on 360.

posted by icetraxx (COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, MI) Jun 24, 2007

Member since May 2007

The gameplay, camera angels, controls, and graphics redefine the word awful. A complete and utter disgrace to the Unreal 3 engine that it is supposedly based on.

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Not too shabby.

posted by captfalcon (TEMPE, AZ) Jun 24, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

Thus far, I am really enjoying this game. I am only doing the story mode, but its great for anyone who wants to play a good easy to pick up and put down four player game. The controls seem really screwy at first, but it takes a little while to understand and get used to. It is also a surprisingly hard game, I am on the second hardest difficulty(hardest is locked) and it is really freakin tough. I heard some people whine about the melee, that is, for the most part, character dependant. Not all of the characters are great at melee(the emo chick is the worst at it). But melee is boring anyway, who wants to hit a zombie with a plunger when you got nail guns? Or a pipe shotgun? Or a grenade slingshot? Over-all, this game is worth taking the time to get used to. Maybe not for someone playing alone, but for 2-4 people, definately.

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