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Monster Jam

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I want to like this game

posted by DaVinci95 (SUWANEE, GA) Jan 21, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

My 6 year old son is a big Monster Jam fan, and I enjoy it too. So I rented this game with high hopes. And it's been somewhat fun, but I've got a few major gripes.

1. You have to play the single-player game to unlock most of the trucks and tracks. The main reason I got the game was to play it against my son, but we can only run 4 tracks unless I go through alone and unlock more.

2. The trucks are hard to control. Especially for a 6 year old. I started getting the hang of it after several races, but I still have trouble with oversteering. My son takes up to 15 minutes to finish a race.

3. The field of vision is too narrow. Every turn you take you're turning blind. This is bad enough on the road courses, but it makes running the arena races impossible unless you've memorize the track layout(which you never get to see a plan of).

They tried to spice up the arena events, which was a good idea. Running the events straight from the real-life Monster Jam set ups would get old quick. The racing gives you a lot of different track obstacles and configurations, but suffers from the vision problem. The freestyle gives you a much larger floor to run on with lots of stuff to smash, but if that's all there was the game wouldn't be worth buying.

The road races are the reason to get this game. They're probably all I would play once I get everything unlocked. There are varied terrain and settings, plenty of obstacles to overcome, and lots of stuff to smash (including the other trucks on the track). Even with the trouble he has steering, my son enjoys them.

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huge monster jam truck fan DISAPOINTED!

posted by bopboo (CENTERVILLE, UT) Jan 15, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

coming from a big-time monster truck fan, this game gets a D+ -- It's not the worst game i've ever played, however, this is one of the most frustrating games to learn to play. I finally gave up after searching the net for some hints. The designers could have done so much with the Wii controller but didn't take advantage of it's features. The controls are basic stop/go and steer left right with tilting.

There's no built-in tutorial or test track to give clear instructions.

Go rent super mario galaxy- it's the coolest thing since sliced bread.

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Good Rent

posted by Starbuck (SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA) Dec 8, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

This game was fun for about an hour, the graphics weren't anything to celebrate, gameplay was a little loose, and the camera got in the way. Being able to drive around and smash things is this games only saving grace.

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