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Monster Jam: Urban Assault


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bad game

posted by ctan1625 (BURLINGTON, OK) Feb 28, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

was looking forward to play this game but when i got it i played it for about 20 mins and the same thing over and over sent it right back don't rent

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Not that good

posted by JDigitty (BLYTHE, CA) Mar 29, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

Not that good at all. The steering is so sensitive yet lacks traction it is impossible to drive straight. The camera view bounces around so much you don't know if your in forward or reverse half the time. The graphics look like GBA.

My two-year-old son enjoyed it, but he also enjoys picking his nose :|'

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Monster Gyp: Arena Insult.

posted by cephjedi (POINT OF ROCKS, MD) Jan 22, 2009

Member since Aug 2007

Being a fan of the `90s PC game Monster Truck Madness, I had high hopes for this game. Unfortunately those hopes were characteristically dashed by disappointing design and gameplay. As the title insinuates, the game's premise revolves around unleashing the chaos of gigantic, powerful 4x4 vehicles rampaging through unwitting city environments... Oh, wait a second, I'm sorry, it actually has nothing to do with that.

Instead, there are but two elements in the gameplay- Arena racing and a spectacle match. In the spectacle match, you drive around an arena populated by numerous jumps and obstacles wrecking everything and anything you can. Points are awarded for chaining together stunts and tricks, which are easy to do just by wagging the Wiimote randomly. Once you've gotten accustomed to the controls, it's not difficult to beat your competitor. The gameplay is amusing, but driving around and smashing things quickly succumbs to mediocrity, quicker still because of the INANE repetitiveness of the commentator.

Sadly, the arena spectacle is great when compared to the racing matches, where you are pitted against a computer opponent on tracks suited more for motocross bikes than 6 ton trucks. These tracks, also encased in the cramped arena setting, snake through inconceivable hairpins and switchbacks while simultaneously forcing you over jumps and through piles of vehicles. Thing is, all the trucks available handle like a bloated cow, yet they bounce wildly off jumps and obstacles like super balls. Just navigating the tracks is an exercise in exasperation, but trying to beat your physics-enhanced AI opponent is frustrating enough to stick the disc right back in the envelope and send it back to GameFly. You will find the only strategy that works is to ignore the track and make a beeline for the finish line. Excite truck, one of the first titles for the Wii is 10 times what this game just tries to be.

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