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posted by sniper321 (FORT KNOX, KY) Jul 11, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

monster hunter is a game where you have to use your brains along with your instinct. the game doesnt give you any advice and pushes you to your limits hunting creatures that can one hit kill you. many people buy this game thinking "wow a dragon i want to kill it" then they cant figure out how to kill a lowly jaggie "weak monster" and end up quiting all together. the weapon and armor system is great due to actually hunting certain monsters trying to get one stone or fang ect
needless to say this is a great game that only the best gamers get the hold of

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Above Average

Great idea, poor execution

posted by PhantmJedi (SOUTH FORK, PA) Jul 6, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

This was a game I really wanted to love. I mean, what's not to like about hunting monsters? Unfortunately, the answer is half-baked controls. Instead of spending my time hunting monsters, I spent it fighting to face in the exact right direction to swing my weapon. Of course, by the time I had managed that, the monster had moved so my weapons hit more air than monster.

Come on Capcom! Zelda had an enemy lock on 15 years ago! In a game about killing beasties, not be able to target them is a cardinal sin.

In addition, there were many other annoyances that should have been smoothed out. For example, when switching to the gun to see if its targeting is better (yes, but not by much) I found that all of my items were gone. Why? Because they were in my sword pouch, not my gun pouch. Why do I need two pouches with the hassle of moving my items every time I switch weapons? And why can't I switch weapons in the field?

All I could think of as this game consistently dashed my hopes of having fun was; "If only it had some of that Nintendo polish instead of the traditionally clunky Capcom controls!" :(

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The Worst of WOW

posted by rmfreeman (NEPTUNE, NJ) Jun 22, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

Everyone wants to play World of Warcraft on a home system, and this game moves us a step allowing us to play the worst aspects of WoW. Grinding, choppy graphics, and mindless repetition. Actually, it's a lot more boring than WoW, considering it's a solo game, and there's weapon degradation. There are much better games out there. Just play a Zelda game instead.

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