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Living the life as a hunter and gatherer!

posted by Zee7sms (COLUMBIA, TN) Apr 21, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

38 out of 43 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

As a first time Monster Hunter series player, this game has managed to shake some life into my Wii as a glorious sit down console type game.

There's a small amount of character creation like picking your gender, hair style, hair color, starting outfit, skin color, eye color and even voice. Once you've set foot in the village you're set on a small tutorial that explains the basics of the game.

Monster Hunter Tri is a collecting game, you spend more time carving monsters, picking through bones, plants, bugs as well as mining, fishing and even cooking. There's TONS of items to collect and each one will serve a purpose, whether it be for a simple profit or to forge weapons and armor to combining with other items to make something better.

This is truly sit down and play console game so make sure you pick up the Wii Classic Controller Pro. The graphics leave much to be desired, but even as a PS3 and Xbox360, I don't seem to mind the gamecube like graphics.

Overall this game is worth a BUY. Renting it won't let you dive into this extremely deep game.

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This game is possibly worth buying the Wii for

posted by nr_clark (MARLTON, NJ) Oct 4, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

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I did not know what I was getting myself into when I got this game. I figured I would just complete the single player mode, be done with it, and get rid of it.

Then I tried online mode. 300+ hours later, I can say without a doubt that this is one of the most underrated games to ever hit stores. I'll talk about online mode later.

Gameplay is very rewarding where you have to collect materials from killing different monsters, farming, and mining ore to create better weapons and armor to advance from a rag doll to an actual durable hunter that wont faint in one hit by a boss monster. When gathering, you actually gather lots of supplies, and when you kill monsters, there's only a chance they drop the right item. This is a unique twist to the usual turn-based fighting system you find everywhere else, and it's kind of like you are shaping your destiny.

The weapons and armor are upgrade-able and make a huge difference in battle. There are over half a dozen weapon types that seem endless in upgrades. The game can get as hard as you want it to get, to a certain extent.

Symphonic quality music and stunning graphics are an absolute plus seeing how the extremely detailed environments, extremely detailed armor/weapons, and monster design make the game that much more immersive.

And then, there is the online mode. Capcom went above and beyond to impress gamers with this one. They have their own servers and multiple cities where you are able to play with random people in other countries or in your own. Super convenient, and hard not to like.

For what you buy/rent, this game will amaze you with how many features it packs on terms of variety of gameplay. Did I mention this game's graphics and music is iconic for the Wii? Some of my most memorable moments playing the Wii was when I played this game. MH3 truly has it all, and I do hope that they come out with a 4th one that is just as good, if not better.

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monster hunter tri. fun begin middle ok, end wait

posted by Athena123 (MILWAUKEE, WI) Jul 25, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

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monster hunter tri. The beginning you know, it starts out like a storyline so when you create a person man/woman you have to where women clothes like small trunks and small t-shirt. ? why i dont know. so you go through the game doing tasks,running eron's for the villagers and thats as fun as it gets until you end up in the ocean looking at a monster the villagers clearly say your not ready to fight so you choose to run/swim away or do what i did and stood up like a man and fight but the monster a.k.a (lagiacrus) has electricity power so you have to watch out for that. and there are crazy big weird monsters with goofy names you have to fight and if you kill a normal animal and carve its meat out of its body and if you choose to cook its meat so you can eat it to gain energy a grill apears out of thin air and chair so you emeadietly start cooking animal meat and a annoying song plays and basicly when the song stops the food is ready but sometimes that might not always happen. and you can even go fishing on this monster hunter tri video game. p.s. which takes forever to do and the bugs on this game are huge, house cats try to steal your food and materials (yes house cats i know). and when you raise money you can get out of those girly clothes and buy manlyier clothes and you can have weapons but only one weapon. so when you choose a weapon you choose from daggers,small swords, big swords, lances a.k.a spears, o and bowguns. and you can make your weapons and armor more powerful by talking to the blacksmith. and you can even go to a farm and make a friendly cat farm for you as you put in requests for him. and you get a pet pig. did i menchean online mode beacuse online mode could be more fun if you have the wii speak microphone a.k.a i dont besides i had to go into battle all by myself p.s. you'll have much much more fun online than offline. and this dosn't even sit right with me but sometimes when you hit an enemy with your sword you bounce off of the monster (my head i

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