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This is a success?

posted by KillerK70 (PORTLAND, OR) Nov 1, 2013

Member since Aug 2012

I'm going to keep this short. It started off good, the video with the monsters running was amazing, but then I got into the gameplay. The graphics were poor for a 2009 game. Final Fantasy X, released in 2001, had better graphics. The gameplay was shoddy and from the moment I could run around the game bombed. I'm amazed that it got such a good score and was considered a success. This game is the one that would put me into a Gamefly commercial where I throw my TV from my apartment.

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Worst Game I've Played In a LONG Time...

posted by johnnie173 (WILKES BARRE, PA) Nov 24, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

2 out of 9 gamers (22%) found this review helpful

The fact that I played Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Twilight Princess prior to this may have spoiled me.

But after five hours of complete confusion, I decided to send this piece off garbage back.

Where to begin?

How about movement and attack sequences.

In order to move your character, you must use your nunchuck to move, and the direction arrows to face the direction you are running. In other words, simply moving the nunchuck left and right doesn't change your perspective. You must move the direstion button to "face forward". This is especially annoying in battle sequences. Remember in Zelda where you can "Z Lock" onto an opponent? Not so in "Monster Quest". You have to attack, move the direction pad and nunchuck to get a good angle, and attack again.

The game also features an annoying "Now Loading" sequence every time you move from one area to another, which can sometimes be within five seconds of each other.

I'd rather play "Pong"... The objective of the game is much clearer.

Tedious and annoying are not the words...

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Monster Hunter 3 - BAD GAME!!

posted by CritScott (QUAKERTOWN, PA) Sep 27, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

5 out of 18 gamers (28%) found this review helpful

As I read in most other comments, this game starts "slow." I could not tolerate how slow it started. After I burned up 4-5 hours figuring out how it's poorly designed controls and windows 95 style map, inventory, and gameplay worked, I realized Monster Hunter 3 had not much more to offer than most of the early 90's 3-D games [referring to the appearance as well as gameplay] that I have experienced. I swear, I was expecting a half-decent 2010 new style shooter (and I am pretty easy to please), and I got a lackluster, win 95 sleeping pill. For the price of games these days - this does not pass!
Additional shortcomings: Bad button scheme cannot be stressed enough - maybe I have been spoiled by other games, but the way this was setup was really illogical. The cataloging of animals MIGHT have been fun if not for the lousy interface. You have to reverse your control thinking each time you go from the village spots to the hunting spots. Messed up [annoying is another way to put it!] The way the pointer, monster cataloging, and inventory works is terrible. Whatever potential the gameplay had is shot down by the bad controls, pathetic storyline, & idiotic character development.
The main character design choices are awful too!! Specifically, he gets to wear skin tight shorts "with" or "without" fringes - totally "inappropriate" for a hunter. This also goes for all of the characters you interact with: terrible dialog, trying to make humorous references, with excessive, confusing pointless banter. Many of the characters are promoting the "alternative lifestyle" (yes, I picked that up within the first 5 minutes, Capcom!!) Verified by other comments, there were additional levels, quests, items, goals, ranks, upgrades, etc that I might have achieved if I had stayed with it. Why bother!?!

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