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It's a lot of grinding, but it's fun grinding.

posted by Snaredrums (JACKSONVILLE, FL) May 2, 2010

Member since Sep 2009

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If you are unfamiliar with the Monster Hunter franchise, I commend you. Because you have no clue what you are getting into. Many have probably seen the commercials for this game thinkin "Hey, my 6 year old son LOVES dinosaurs!" Oh boy, do I feel bad for those people...

If you want this game, I recommend you do some research, because this is one of the hardest, deepest, and most rewarding games this generation.

You start from rags to riches as a new hunter who decides to help the small Moga Village, and train to slay the (flagship) monster Lagiacrus. It has been terrorizing the small fishing village, and it is your job to become the best hunter around, and slay the beast.

The point of this game is to collect materials from slaying different monsters, farming different items, and mining different ores, to create weapons and armor so you can be a more devastating hunter.

This can be very, very fun and rewarding, but it takes some time to truly get into the game. When I say it's a lot of grinding, I don't mean "Attack little monsters for X amount of hours until you gain X amount of experience points" I mean you are gathering a LOT of supplies, and you kill monsters and hope to god they drop the right item. Why is this so fun? Because unlike a lot of games, fighting monsters isn't turn based, this game has a real in-depth combat system.

you don't choose a class because each weapon is basically a class in itself. There are 64 unique hammers to build. That is just for the hammer class. There are 8 other weapons, which play completely differently.

And then, there is the online mode. Capcom has really outdone themselves here. They took out the WHOLE friend code system nintendo made, and made their own, superior thing. Not only that, but you are able to play with random people around the world, and WiiSpeak is supported (Which is rather rare)

Before you get this game, just know what you're getting into, and you can enjoy up to 100 hours of rich gameplay.

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GF Rating


Now up to 100 hours, still not done...

posted by checkers (CRESTVIEW, FL) Jun 22, 2010

Member since Apr 2006

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They out did them selves. Really they did.
This is really only for those who bare through the first couple of hours, because like most games, it starts slow. But Monster Hunter starts REALLY slow. Now then, slow as can be, about 50 hours in I realised its the most addicting game I have ever played. Fighting large beasts is fun, and the ridiculous unfairness the game throws at you is fun to tackle. I so far have completed every offline quest, which the end game quests they assign are near imposible if you only have been offline to that point, so completing them is the most rewarding experience you can have, and I'm in the third star rank online. Now Monster Hunter is a great game to have a friend play with you, as I'v spent several nights at my friends house playing together online, pummeling large monsters. The thing about online is that they increase the difficulty even more, so the 3rd boss online compares to the last boss offline. Then after half way through online the difficulty increases AGAIN. The pure challenge this games throws at you is just something great for those commited to playing the game. Not for those who like hitting every button on their controller and the thing in front of them dies. This game takes thinking and an copious amount of skill. Must have for those who like intense mmo's.

Con's: Camera Angle: Constantly have to change it but with practice it become second nature.

Difficulty: I love games that make my blood boil, but some people don't like such a challenge...

Controls: Get a wii Classic controler Pro. If you don't, then don't complain about the game, it is not ment to be played with the wiimote and nunchuck.

Diablos: SCREW DIABLOS! I can't stand him

Pro's: Too much to say, how about every thing that isn't a con.

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Nintendo should have pushed this title more.

posted by Marzface (PHARR, TX) Jul 21, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

8 out of 8 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I will keep this as short as possible. One of the best games I have ever purchased in my life. I got over 250 hours logged in this game.

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