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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Create Pitfall Trap

Combine Traptool + Net to create a Pitfall Trap

Create Small Barrel Bomb

Combine Gunpowder + Small Barrel to create a Small Barrel Bomb

Create Sonic Bomb

Combine Bomb Casing + Screamer to create a Sonic Bomb

Create Tinged Meat

Combine Raw Meat + Parashroom to create a Tinged Meat

Wii Online Operations

You can only send someone a friend request by sending them a message, and you can only send a message to another player when they're online. It's annoying but at least once they're on your list they stay on your list. Note that messages in your inbox are deleted when you go offline. Unfortunately, you can also only send messages/add friends when the person is in a city and not on a quest. When you create a character, you are immediately put in Moga village in the single player form. If you want to jump straight to online, choose "Quit Game" and then select the option "Mode Select." When you are at the mode select screen, choose "City" (the option on the right).

Create Large Barrel Bomb

Combine Gun Powder + Large Barrel to create a Large Barrel Bomb

Create Mega Air Philter

Combine Airweed + Dash Extract to create a Mega Air Philter

Create Mega Pickaxe

Combine Machalite Ore + Bone to create a Mega Pickaxe

Create Might Pill

Combine Might Seed + Immunizer to create a Might Pill

Create Net

Combine Ivy + Spiderweb to create a Net

Create Oxygen Supply

Combine Airweed + Bomb Casing to create an Oxygen Supply

Create Demondrug

Combine Might Seed + Catalyst to create a Demondrug

Create Drugged Meat

Combine Raw Meat + Sleep Herb to create a Drugged Meat

Create Energy Drink

Combine Honey + Nitroshroom to create an Energy Drink

Create Herbal Medicine

Combine Bitter Bug + Cactus Flower to create an Herbal Medicine

Create Immunizer

Combine Dragon Toadstool + Catalyst to create an Immunizer

Create Iron Pickaxe

Combine Iron Ore + Bone to create an Iron Pickaxe

Retrieving stolen items

When a Felyne or Melynxe steals an item, quickly hit them to get it back. If they get away with your item, find the large cat statue on the map. Search there to find the stolen item.

Create Air Philter

Combine Airweed + Catalyst to create an Air Philter

Create Ancient Potion

Combine Immunizer + Kelbi Horn to create an Ancient Potion

Create Antidote

Combine Antidote Herb + Blue Mushroom to create an Antidote

Create Cleanser

Combine Popfish + Catalyst to create a Cleanser

Create Cool Drink

Combine Ice Crystal + Bitter Bug to create a Cool Drink

Digging tips

Digging requires no items and is easy. For the most part, you can dig where you see bone piles, either on ground or below the surface of the water. Monster dens often are a good place to dig, or along the side of fallen logs. Mushrooms also indicate a good place to dig, or flowers and cactus plants in the Sandy Desert area.

Fishing tips

There are two ways to fish. The most common method involves tackle, such as worms and crickets (both items that can often be found by digging). You can fish in shallow pools of water in the right environments, or by standing along the ocean shore. Underwater fishing is more like standard hunting. Certain swimming monsters (such as the Sharqs found in the Deserted Island environment) can be hit with your weapons to kill them. However, a better technique is to almost kill monsters using conventional means, then to skin them using the harpoon to deal a death blow. The harpoon can also be used throughout a fight to slowly inflict damage, but it's far less conventional than standard weapons. It also tends to break fairly quickly.

Kelby Horns

Stun a Kelby with a shield bash or a sword slap. Carve them while they are stunned to get a Kelby Horn.

Distracting Bosses

Bring Cha-Cha when fighting a Boss.

Section 7 shortcut

Once at camp, go behind the red delivery box and go through the entrance to reach Section 7 quickly.

Section 9 shortcut

Leave camp by going down to the dock. Jump in the water and swim downward through the tunnel to reach Section 9 quickly.

Popo item drop

Popo Tongue, Raw Meat, Warm Pelt

Rhenoplos item drop

Monster Bone M, Raw Meat, Rhenoplos Scalp, Rhenoplos Shell

Sharq item drop

Immunizer, Sharpened Fang, Sharqskin

Uroktor item drop

Dragonfell Berry, Monster Bone M, Uroktor Scale

Mining tips

Mining is one of the most useful types of item gathering. You'll need a pickaxe of some sort. The material that you're working with is rough, so it's a good idea to bring along a lot of the iron ones (easily purchased in the market) or even some mega ones. Otherwise, you could run out of tools in the middle of your run. Generally, you'll find places to dig along walls in caves, or where you see lumps of rock out in the open. You'll probably have the most likely places memorized within a few hours. As you dig, you'll likely find a variety of items that can be used to produce powerful weapons. Some of the core ingredients can be quite rare. You might need to make 2 or 3 trips to an area to gather enough, and there might be only a point or two in a certain cave that yields what you're hoping to find.

Bug Catching tips

Though you might not suppose that insects would be very important, they actually serve as a core ingredient for various potions and such that you'll very likely want to have with you on tough quests. Some powerful equipment also requires you to find insects. As you move through a given area, just watch for butterflies hovering over patches of grass and shrubbery. You can dash over to where they are and use your net until they vanish. You'll usually get three to five insects from a given point. Many points in the game will yield the same few bugs, but there are special exceptions.

Melynx item drop

EZ Shock Trap, First-aid Med, Mini Oxy Supply, Ration

Giggi item drop

Giggi Stinger, Monster Fluid, Velvety Hide

Jaggi item drop

Bird Wyvern Fang, Jaggi Hide, Jaggi Scale

Jaggia item drop

Bird Wyvern Fang, Jaggi Hide, Jaggi Scale

Kelbi item drop

Blue Kelbi Horn, Firedouse Berry, Kelbi Horn, Raw Meat, Warm Pelt

Ludroth item drop

Hydro Hide, Immature Sponge

Baggi item drop

Baggi Hide, Baggi Scale, Bird Wyvern Fang, Monster Bone M

Bnahabra item drop

Monster Fluid

Catfish item drop

Monster Guts, Raw Meat, Velvety Hide

Delex item drop

Big Fin, Monster Guts, Sharpened Fang

Epioth item drop

Monster Guts, Hydro Hide, Raw Meat

Felyne item drop

First-aid Med, Mini Oxy Supply, Ration

Create Tranquilizer

Combine Sleep Herb + Parashroom to create Tranquilizer

Create Tranquilizer Bomb

Combine Tranquilizer + Bomb Casing to create a Tranquilizer Bomb

Hints for Capturing

For more effective capturing, weaken the monster until it is limping. Then lay down traps in its path or while the monster's sleeping. Let fly with Tranquilizer Bombs or Tranquilizer Bullets to heavily increase the odds for a successful capture.

Obtaining Plus (+) Items

Plus (+) Items can only be obtained by fighting high ranking monsters online. Plus (+) Items cannot be obtained offline.

Altaroth item drop

Altaroth Stomach, Insect Husk, Monster Fluid

Aptonoth item drop

Monster Bone S, Raw Meat, Super-sized Dung

Create Nutrients

Combine God Bug + Blue Mushroom to create Nutrients

Create Mega Nutrients

Combine Honey + Nutrients to create Mega Nutrients

Create Paintball

Combine Sap Plant + Paintberry to create a Paintball

Create Pit Trap

Combine Net + Trap Tool to create a Pit Trap

Create Shock Trap

Combine Thunderbug + Trap Tool to create a Shock Trap

Create Old Pickaxe

Combine Stone + Bone or Stone + Mystery Bone to create an Old Pickaxe

Create Potion

Combine Herb + Blue Mushroom to create a Potion

Create Mega Potion

Combine Potion + Honey to create a Mega Potion

Create Goldenfish Bait

Combine Sneakbee Larvae + FireFly to create Goldenfish Bait