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For the Hardcore Part 1

posted by iBlooba (JACKSONVILLE, FL) Aug 9, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

Let's get the obvious out of the way. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is not a sequel to Freedom 2. It's purely the same game with a good deal of extra monsters, items, etc. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is an expansion to Freedom 2, and if you don't own F2, you should definitely get Unite.
To Monster Hunter newbies, this game will test your patience. It can be very challenging, and extremely frustrating at times. Do NOT go into Freedom Unite thinking you'll be really good at it from the get-go. This game probably has more of a learning curve than any game I've ever played before. Each weapon requires a different strategy and attack method, and the heap of skills your going to tinker with isn't exactly straightforward. Not to say that's a bad thing. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is one of my favorite games of all times, and I'll tell you why.
Tons and tons of content. You'll be putting in hundreds of hours of game play, and if you get hooked like I did, your going to have to push your life aside for a while. There are about 1200 weapons in the game, 11 different weapon types, and heaps and heaps of armor and items. And this is the best thing about the game. There isn't really a story, and it isn't really necessary. You accept quests from NPC's around the village, and you go off, slaying beasties and gathering materials to make better items/gear. Missing that one piece to finish your armor set? Go hunt and Tigrex and chop his tail off. When you kill a monster you can loot items from him by carving it's corpse. To get, say, a Blue Mushroom, you'd go out and look for fungi growing on tree trunks, and pick from them. There is no leveling system in this rpg. Your armor makes you more powerful, not stats. If your patient like me, you'll hardly find a more rewarding game.
There are faults, though, and even though I've gotten used to them, a lot of newbies might be put off. The camera is terrible. Even though it's partly the PSP's fault itself for not having another

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i see why this game is so popular in japan...

posted by dulun21 (CHANDLER, AZ) Aug 20, 2009

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but for some, it might not be as great as you think.

if i have to describe it.. think it's similar to those RPG where you accept quests and set out to do it and go back report to receive the rewards. The game is pretty much it. you can hunt monsters in this game.. but remember you will start from the same point everytime.. and if you die, you will be return to the starting point and the rewards money will be reduced. Also there are a lot of items/equipments thus offering a lot of combinations for customization if you like.

if it's something you interested.. then this is the game for you.. if not . it's better to look elsewhere.

play this game with a friend for more fun.

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