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Don't give up.

posted by royfe7 (PENFIELD, PA) Jun 23, 2009

Member since Mar 2007

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I have been a MH fan since the beginning. The series is difficult and time consuming. The learning curve is like a 80 degree wall but once you get over it the game starts getting fun. Ihave seen many new players quit before they kill their first monster. if you have played freedom 2 you can tranfer all your items and weapons to MHFU.

The MH series has always had great customization and multiple weapons to choose from. once you start killing monsters you can carve the bodies for materials to make new armor and weeapons. Don't expect to get an extremely rare item from a monster so be expected to hunt the same monster over and over until you get the item you need.

The MH series is designed for co-op but the game lacks infrastructure(one of the few problems) but you can play online via adhoc party or xlink kai. the entire game is soloable but can get difficult at time(especially once you hit G-rank). if you find a monster to difficult take some time to study the monster and ask your fellow hunters for tips just don't give up.

the felyne fighter is not that good of an addition and may cause you to fail a quest multiple times (like when it throws a bomb at the wrong time). if you do decide to to use the felyne try to get a pacifist and train him to use flutes(health, attack, defence). the felyne companion also gets a degree of customization. you determine it's skills and armor.

when you first start out hit the training school for tips on how to hunt and use weapons properly. Happy Hunting!!

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Hunter's Unite!

posted by PATSFAN2K6 (attleboro, MA) Jul 8, 2009

Member since May 2006

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The Monster Hunter series has been widely popular in Japan for some time now. I've been interested in checking the series out for a while now and finally did with Freedom Unite.

The game's basic structure follows the structure of most MMORPGs. You start off as a Hunter in a village, and take miscellaneous quests to embark upon. The quests rang from Hunting, Slaying, Gathering, and Event Quests. Once you stop by the guild and pick up a contract of your choice, you set off on an adventure to fulfill the quests parameters.

I was amazed at just how deep a game Monster Hunter actually is. Not only do you hunt, but you can also gather, mine, cook, farm, etc. In order to become a successful Hunter, you need to become totally immersed in the world. The level of depth and time may put off some games looking for a quick thrill, but if you're patient and dedicated, the game is incredibly rewarding.

-Depth of game play (weapons, items, quests, world, etc)
-Graphics are amazing
-Sound: Well done FX and musical score done in Dolby sound incredible through headphones.
-Ad Hock online play - you can quest with up to three of your friends.

-Difficulty: the game is not easy and at times can be frustrating.
-Camera can be uncooperative at times, especially when fighting multiple monsters at the same time.
-The inventory system can be very cumbersome. If you're not using a sword, you actually have to sheath your weapon before you can use an item. Trying to do this in the heat of battle, is very difficult.
-Ad Hock - it's an awesome feature, but if you don't have friends willing to come over and play, you will be questing on your own.

Wrap up:
All in all, it's an amazing game that I highly recommend. Be prepared to invest some time in mastering the world and you will be greatly rewarded.

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Very Good

Great game but not for everyone

posted by gluis2k (LOS ANGELES, CA) Oct 29, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

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I have been a monster hunter fan for a very long time, i got to a point in this game(MHFU) where it was extremely difficult if not seemingly impossible to do hunts on your own (H.R 9 and up quests) so i pretty much quit playing it and picked up monster hunter on the wii, which i strongly recommend for any MH fan. But anyways, the game is great, very very difficult and thats why i say not for everyone. leveling up and increasing your stats is not how this game works, here its all about your skill. You do get better and stronger armor which you make or upgrade from materials of the monsters you hunt as you progress through the game, but what it really comes down to is your skill. You have to study a monsters attack patterns in order to know when and where your window of opportunity to strike opens up so you can run in for a hit or two, and then back off quick, and if you miss your window you have to be patient and wait for it again. this becomes very annoying to some, especially because some of these monsters (the guild quest hunts) kill you with a few hits, even when you have decent or better than decent armor. so patience is a HUGE must for this game, not only in the fighting but just in the whole game itself. if you have little or no patience, then don't even bother. Now for those of you who decide to tough it out and accept the challenge, this game is very rewarding, nothing better than seeing a dragon who is 10 times bigger than you, can kill you with 2-3 hits, and take you over 20 min to kill fall before your feet, and know that you took em down on your own, even though it was recommended for 2-4 players(guild quest hunts). So to sum it up, Awesome game for some, but not for all.

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