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A Amazing PSP Game!!!! Must Own for PSP owners

posted by The1uwan2d (Jersey City, NJ) Aug 31, 2007

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To all the fans of MonsterHunter this game as you can see is the sequel to it. But this is completely different from the first. This game has new environments, new weapons and armor, new monsters to conquer, and new challenges to face. To Those new to this the game is basically a adventure game that you and your friends can play with together (ad-hoc).This game is almost like a hunting game but with weapons like bows,guns,lances,swords,and much more. You have to do certain quests to obtain levels of hr=Hero Rep in the town. You have to complete objectives, obtain items, and eliminate monsters. With the items you obtain you can create new weapons and armor decorations to your armor and more. only bad set to the game is that it doesn't enable Wi-Fi infrastructure game play which is really what people wanted. This game can be hard if you solo but if it is hard all you have to do basically is get better gear which i did. There are new weapons there is the bow which has infinite ammo which you don't have to buy which is great and you can coat the arrows with special powers. The gun lance also has infinite ammo and you can shoot up close if the enemy is in you face. The Katana which is my favorite is a long blade that has special techniques if you gain your spirit bar up. The monsters are the games are unique. They each have their strengths, weaknesses, and attributes. The Hardest of the monsters are the bosses most are wyverns=dragons as some call them. those quests where you have to kill them are fun but hard. So all i can say is that i recommend this game to any psp owner because it'll keep you busy.If you have any friends with the game it would be much better because if you do multiplayer quests you can get better materials and rarer stuff.Also there is downloadable content on wi-fi that you can get like expansions, quests,and gear to keep you up to date.Also for those that can't play online with friends on ad-hoc you can do the quests offline. I say A must have.

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Monstrous Game on Tiny Disk? Join the niche!

posted by lazygamer (Northridge, CA) Sep 13, 2007

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This is an awesome game, albeit for a niche group of gamers. For those of you who are not familiar with Monster Hunter, you will either love or hate the following things:
-The lack of a typical story "structure"
-The targeting system
-The depth of pre and post-hunting activities

There is no "story" really: you are a replacement hunter for a village. You hunt monsters (and other natural resources), recycle them to create better equipment to hunt monsters...You could do this almost forever, collecting everything possible. For those who need a story, you may want to wait for Final Fantasy Tactics or try Jeanne D' Arc. Without a "story", the slow collection of materials to get better stuff may feel all the more tedious, but if you push through there is goodness inside (really!).

The targeting system does not have a lock-on, held over from the first game. Many people have complained about this, but a fellow gamer pointed out that a lock-on would ruin the hunting strategy aspect and turn it into a button-mashing mess. I agree, but it may be hard to get used to.

Hunting monsters takes the right preparation. Not only weapons and armor, but you have to farm, mine, fish, trade, buy, deal with felyne (cat) kitchen staff. It can get overwhelming.

So to you gamers curious about the game, add it to your queue. You will either send it back within 24 hours or keep it for several months.

Now for returning "hunters", some neat additions I liked:
-You can import your character (and some items/equipment) from MH:1. This is better than starting out from scratch: money and equipment will carry over but some items won't (e.g. macharite). Instead, you get cash or "credit" tickets.
-Four(!) new weapon classes: Long swords, Gun(!)lances, horns and bows. Gun lance = ranged and close combat!
-Felyne chefs will cook your stored raw meat for you in "BBQs"
-Pause feature!
-Downloadable content
-New clothes for poogie!

Sadly, multiplayer is still ad-hoc only!

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Very Good

Join the hunt!

posted by Disruption (TALLAHASSEE, FL) Apr 24, 2008

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Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is most certainly better than it's predecessor.

In freedom, you start in a snow covered town called Pokke. It isn't your hometown, but in avoiding Tigrex- a wyvern you'll have to take out some day- you injured yourself and the villagers were nice enough to give you a place to stay... And name you as their next hunter.

It still has all the problems of the first (the camera), but Capcom has added a school of sorts in which novices can learn the hunting basics rather than just shove you into the game with a few practice quests.

The academy also allows you to practice using all the weapons in the first Monster Hunter Freedom and a few new ones, i.e Hunting horn and Gunlance(my favorite weapon) Each weapon has it's own advantage and disadvantage such as the ability to guard or awesome attack power. Either way, It's easy to choose one to master.

There are some new gadgets to hunt/gather with as well as a slew of new monsters to kill and, once again, I am amazed by the armor and weapon selection. Graphics are good too!

Worth checking out whether or not you liked MHF.

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