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posted by SunnyShores (WAUPACA, WI) May 27, 2014

Member since May 2014

the style of play is a little bit to get used to, especially with the controls. but with plenty of options for armor and weapons, this game keeps you striving for better and better. I've sunk hundreds of hours into this game online. best online game on wii u. for now.

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A Hunter's Life Awaits

posted by Teenkitsune (ABERDEEN, MD) Jan 15, 2014

Member since Oct 2013

I decided to give this a try and while I found alot of good qualities in this game I just couldn't get into it. You basically start out as a rogue hunter volunteering to help out a small tribe figure out the reason behind a mysterious series of earthquakes as well as take out a deadly sea monster disrupting fishing activities. You get to design your own hunter and start a new life hunting monsters and helping citizens. The graphics look exactly like they did on the Wii (Monster Hunter Tri) with more polygons to have a better resolution, which works at a distance but up close you can really tell that the graphics aren't truly HD. Though it is fun to hack and slash monsters, forge from their corpses, planting and growing vegetables, make friends, and complete quests both in the story and in multiplayer. It truly is a combination between hack and slash combat and virtual life. While I couldn't get into it, I did enjoy what I did experienced, and I do recommend it highly.

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Too much deja vu makes this an expansion pack!

posted by nr_clark (MARLTON, NJ) Jul 6, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

I'm a Monster Hunter fan and I really wish I could've given this a better rating, but...

MH3U is just too much like MH3. There's barely anything True and New enough to make any statement worthy of wowing gamers. It's basically a polished-up version of MH3--not really a good game debut on a console, let alone on a new console.

The only difference is a few other weapons, more armor, more monsters, and more battlefields, all in HD. That's nice and all, but it's nothing innovative for a new MH game. If repetition tickles your fancy, more power to you (boy does that sound fun). But I'm not interested in leveling up all over again just to get a few more of everything. Compared to its prequel, there's nothing "truly innovative" to the gameplay or experience...nope, not even up for argument, sorry. If the other fans weren't so biased/brainwashed by the franchise like a COD or Halo fan, they'd ultimately agree on this point.

With this being supposedly the best game for the Wii U, as reviewers keep on saying, then sales projections of the console are going to continue to struggle indefinitely! Come on, guys...

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