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Best on Wii U so far

posted by cablenajun (ALVIN, TX) Apr 30, 2013

Member since Jun 2012

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Having grown up on Tri on the Nintendo Wii, I was obviously more than excited that Tri Ultimate was coming out for my Wii U. As a veteran gamer overall, I can say that the money I invested into this new experience was well worth it. After only a month, I am coming up on roughly 300 hours total of gameplay between two characters.

Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate is NOT a port of the 3DS version, nor the SAME as Tri for the Wii. Anyone who would say otherwise is a rebel and a traitor to the empire, and they will be taken away. What monster Hunter Tri Ultimate IS is a much expanded reboot of Tri. Many of the aesthetical aspects are the same, however, no armor set is a replica of it's Tri original, having all been endowed with new skill sets when worn. This brings a whole new balance to the game itself.

Any other mainstream reviewer can tell you that the difference in the two games is content, but there are also a few new game mechanics that have NEVER been present in any other MH game, such as the ability to hire hunters you've met online to do automated quests for you while you do your own thing.

There is so much more to this game than what you see at first glance, and I would NOT recommend it to anyone who is not willing to invest the time and PATIENCE necessary to become at least decent at playing. Inexperienced and/or casual gamers beware, the Monster Hunter series is not for you.

Unfortunately, I'm almost at the character limit with this review, so I'll give it a perfect score overall, while hitting some high notes.

Music: Epic. 10
Graphics: So much potential, but still true to the childish nature of the series, yet still sadly neglected. 7
Controls by class:
GS 10
LS 10
HA 10
HH 8
LA 10
GL 10
SnS 10
DS 10
Bow 7
Gameplay: 10
Online: 8
LAN: 10
Solo: 9
Interface: 10
Menu Interface(s): 8
Class variety: 10
Item/weapons/armor variety: 9
Game mechanics (movement, attacking, blocking, etc): 7
Difficulty curve: 8


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GF Rating


Soooo Purrfectly Tasty!

posted by wiilover27 (TEMECULA, CA) Apr 30, 2013

Member since May 2006

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Yes, self. Yes it is.

Now, if you don't have endless time(like me), this might not be the most fun game to play.
It requires a lot of investment into it to get anywhere.
So, this is(definitely)not for casual gamers.
Also, if your looking for story(of any sorts), it's not here(at least I thought so).
ALSO, to those people complaining about it being hard; it's SUPPOSED to be hard.
That's the fun of it.

Now, Monster Hunter is pretty simple(at least the basic concept).
You create a bro or brodette(?), craft weapons and armor, and fight monsters.
That's it.
The whole point of the game is crafting armor so you can fight a monster to get HIS armor to fight a harder monster, etc.
So, basically, endless grinding. (To sum it all up.)
So, if you like(or love, or beyond, like me)grinding, then this game is your(second)significant other.
If you don't, then, well, there's other fish in the sea. (Or in Monster Hunter's case, sharqs.)

There's a few problems though, like:
1. Every time you leave a city you create, everyone else gets disconnected.
2. Harder to check where you get materials from.
Other than these, this game is like chocolate with bacon. (Which is good, just so you know.)

So, all in all, I think this game is one of the greatest things to happen to the world, because it fits into my genre of stuff.
But, if you don't like grinding, talking to people, beating up monsters, or spending 3 hours on with decorations you want in your armor, then, I suggest looking elsewhere.

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posted by MajorGrumpy101 (SPRINGFIELD, MA) Jul 16, 2013

Member since Jul 2013

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Put in over 300 hours in this game, that kinda speaks for itself. its a very addicting game!

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