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Just terrible

posted by xthexpunisherx (CRANSTON, RI) Mar 25, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Bad controls, awful graphics, terrible game play, unreadable text, and a story that makes little to no sense. Played a previous monster hunter on the GBA which I greatly enjoyed but this version is just unplayable.

Needing to go back to your home to equip new weapons and armor? Ridiculous. Using ranged weapons is next to impossible since targeting is no existent. I hope the console version is at least playable because the hand held certainly isn't at this time.

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GF Rating


A Sad, Half-Clone of the Console

posted by sethrocks9 (MANAHAWKIN, NJ) Mar 20, 2013

Member since May 2006

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If you like MH, you'll love this game, but only if you enjoy solo questing. The game clearly lacks use of the 3DS perfectly capable online systems, which make up over half the fun of any MH game. Overall it's only worth a 4/10, because with no online multiplayer, it's a limited and boring game.

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Very Good

Ultimate Satisfaction

posted by LordOops (HUTCHINSON, KS) Jun 9, 2013

Member since May 2013

This game is very impressive. The graphics are good, although the Wii U version certainly looks better. The only differences between the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game is that the Wii U version allows you to play online with up to three other hunters, while the 3DS version only connects through local wireless.

While the game is very fun, it does have a lot to improve on. In a game based solely on combat, the combat is pretty bad. Every melee weapon other than the dual blades has slow attack combos, and since even the fattest of monsters are incredibly agile, slow moving attacks are unacceptable. Also, you can't change direction while attacking. You must wait until your character comes to a complete stop (which takes about a second for most weapons), leaving you open to attacks. Also, a lot of the monsters in the game are overpowered (the third monster introduced is invincible from the front, capable of flight, and can heal itself.). Also, items take forever to use. I've timed the potions; it takes two-and-one-half seconds to use, meaning you'll just have to pray that the deadly Rathalos doesn't attack you with its poison-spiked tail.

Of course, there are the good things. If you manage to get used to the slow speed of a weapon and learn to observe the movements of the target, you can take a Lagombi (a very, very fast monster) on with the molasses-movement of a hammer. Also, the forging and upgrading of weapons and armor is pretty incredible. Every weapon can be upgraded, up until they reach their max form, and finding the materials in order to forge and upgrade is also fun. Want a ludroth pair? You'll have to harvest materials from the dead body of a Royal Ludroth. Also, the multiplayer makes the game soooo addicting.

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