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Monster House


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Annoying toilet

When you get to the bathroom in Chapter 1,start flushing the toilet until it overflows. Stay in the bathroom and eventually you will go to heaven.

Preparing for monster attacks

Remember to be prepared to lure a monster to its death. Set traps in multiple places around your village. When a monster is spotted, lure it towards traps. As the monster goes past, have a teammate shoot the traps. They will blow up, injuring or killing the monsters.

Getting good weapons

Get two small monster bones from the monsters. This can be done in the first level, but if you want to get the sword immediately after the level do not spend $50 before the first level. Then, go to the weapon crafter and have him create the bone sword. It is slow but is incredibly strong.

How to beat velocidrome

to beat velocidrome first get lots of flash bombs. then go to the area he's in thenget all the velociprey and velocidrome in a group then throw a flash bomb. ok now forget about the velociprey and go and attack velocidrome it will probaly take 7 to 10 shots.

How to beat a ratholis easy

when you fight the dragon they usually have hard skin and its hard to penetrate it. All you have to do is dodge when he runs and when he is on the ground runtwords him and make sure you stay underneath him and in between his legs then slash away! after a few hits the dragon will be knocked down and easer to hit.

Easy Money Early 1

First save up enough money to buy the meat cooker. Now go to the first quest and cook 8 well done and heres a tip on cooking perfect. As soon as the music stops count 1.......2 not to slow but not to fast. Good luck hunters!

Easy Money Early 2

Instead of wasting your time cooking meat, you should be catching fish instead. Get as much bait as possible and go to the fishing mission. Catch a sushifish and then go back to camp. Then use the rest of your bait in the pond beside your camp. If you are lucky you might even catch a golden fish that sells for 750z.

Easy Money Early 3

Easy money: If you are trying to get the upgrades that take velociprey parts dont do this, but if you aren't just do the 3*quest slay the velociprey over and over and sell all the velociprey fangs,hide,and scales and you should get extra money

Easy Money Early 4

Go on the fishing level 1 mission. Get ten worms out of the supply box and fish in the fishing hole near the base camp. When you run out of bait, get the rest of the worms and go to the fishing hole in Zone 11. Use the rest of the bait there. You can sometimes get more than $1,000.