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Very Good

Monopoly! What A Classic!

posted by marshall84 (ASHEVILLE, NC) Mar 21, 2009

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Member since Apr 2008

9 out of 10 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

I received this over the past weekend, I'm a fan of the board game & thought "I'll give it a try!". It's just like the original classic multi-million selling board game, simply put on the 360 console. Some new changes are you can play "Richest Monopoly" and even a futuristic playing board that you unlock with certain achievements you gain with each time you play.

From buying properties, making certain trades that also can unlock new playing boards, additional achievements. There's even an achievement for having the exact amount of money on-hand of when the game was made! I thought that was a cool idea. I enjoyed the game very well, the disc had some scuffs on it & the disc tended to have long pauses in between load times.

I would recommend playing it with more than 2 people, the more the better! Single-player can tend to be a bit boring just playing against the computer. You learn how to finance, mortgage properties, build houses, obtaining hotels, and buying utilities, do your best not to land in jail! I know I kept doing it over & over! :). I hope you found my review helpful. Thank you for reading. Happy Gambling Gamers!

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GF Rating

Above Average

Could have been really great

posted by beatlehead (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Nov 12, 2008

Member since Oct 2008

10 out of 12 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

While the game is fun, online play would have made this game really great. I also wish there was an option to speed up the pace by fast rolling, fast movement etc...

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GF Rating


Great Console Version!

posted by RevMoses (PRATTVILLE, AL) Oct 24, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

15 out of 20 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

Is this better than the board version? Yes. Is it a great video game? Not really. Monopoly is really fun, if you like Monopoly, yet it's not exciting or spectacular. The gameplay is done well, with everything being pretty easy to access.

The next best thing about it is the ability to change house rules. You can choose if you want Free Parking to pay nothing, $200, or $500, or how much you want paid out if you pass Go or if you want that doubled if land ON Go! You can also choose the starting cash amounts, taxes, etc etc.

The passport feature is also done pretty well. As you land on each of the properties for the first time, you'll receive a "stamp" in your passport book. When you get a certain number of stamps, you unlock a new passport, and a new game board. The different game boards are pretty cool, and they also have theme-related pieces.

For the Achievement lovers out there, you'll be happy with the 80+ points you're likely to receive in the first game.

I gave this game a 10 because I rented it as a Monopoly lover, and it is everything a Monopoly game could be. It's perfect for casual gamers and families. If you're just tired of Halo 3, Gears of War, and Call of Duty 4, I don't think this game will quench your thirst.

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