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Monopoly, for the creatively impaired.

posted by Raidersfan (NEVADA, IA) Nov 30, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

24 out of 31 gamers (77%) found this review helpful

This does not live up to the Monopoly game. Did these guys ever actually PLAY this game w/ someone that's good at it? They made the game using the instructions only. Little creativity w/ the game play or rule settings.


1) Graphics are great in HD
2) Wide array of pieces & boards (Future board fav)
3) Controls easy, needs custom settings
4) Mini games are a neat distraction.
5) "Buy Set" for house purchases is cool. Buy 1 or 3 houses at a time

Cons: (Possibility of imprint left on TV screen)

1) Game options are whether you want subtitles or not. That's it!
2) House rules & how the AI handles them if changed needs fixed. One game lasted 1/2 a turn, AI went to trade mode & I had to reset the "House Rules" after 30 mins to get a turn. Do not play game with all props sorted at beginning of game (fast start game), you will not get a turn.
3) Lopsided trades offered by the AI. Who set these rules? AI only trades for Monopoly props. (Offered $450 for a RR, two unowned left on the board, no trade) Won't trade if it's not getting a monopoly set.
4) MONOPOLY GUY WILL NOT SHUT UP!!! Needs more than 10 phrases!!
5) No way to speed up game play. Every time will be the same. The pieces will bounce around the board and the little guy will race to the prop you landed on. After a few games this gets old. Needs to have button to take you to the prop faster.
6) Music is nice for the 1st few times then gets really old. Think elevator techno in repeat loop.
7) No free rent in trades. Neccesary basic game tactic. You are low on funds offer free ride for rent.
8) When turn is done, you have to move the icon to the "Next Turn" box. This should be the default setting, not "Accounts". I won't start in on the "Accounts" screen.

I love the game of Monopoly. I hate it when designers "make it better" & ruin it instead. The PC version is closer to being a real game. Thanks for reading my rant.

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posted by hnkhnk06 (SAN ANGELO, TX) Nov 29, 2008

Member since Oct 2008

9 out of 14 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

This game is good for a board game genre. It beats having to take out the game board and set it all up. Great for friends or family that you want to play Monopoly with, without the extra hassle.

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Really Bad


posted by mikcali (BAKERSFIELD, CA) Apr 18, 2009

Member since Dec 2006

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It's just like the old board game, except on my $700 high tech video game/blue ray system....Sounds kinda stupid when you say it like that... There is really nothing "wrong" with the game other than you're playing monopoly on your ps3. I'm not going into the graphics or the gameplay....YOU ARE PLAYING MONOPOLY ON YOUR PS3! You spent a butt load of money on a gaming system to play a board game on your television. May be families might like it for some together time and their kids are so addicted to PS3 they can't relate to anything else or you're just a monopoly freak (if there is such a thing), but in my opinion you're really better off just getting the actual board game, which, believe it or not, is less boring than this and I'm sure, a fraction of the price.

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