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A die hards comparison

posted by sborwege (LITTLE FALLS, MN) Nov 2, 2008

Member since Nov 2006

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I am a die hard monopoly fan. Growing up I used to love the monopoly game for the SNES. I'm sure now days it wouldn't hold up. I have owned the version for the Gameboy(while with no color still the best version ever made). I also spent many hours playing the Gamecube version of monopoly. Trust me, I know my monopoly.

Many people like monopoly on video games because they don't have to count out the money. Which is true, but every monopoly I've played in video games has made trading difficult. This game is no exception. Once you figure it out it seems so simplistic, but my first couple trades I gave properties away by mistake.

Another annoying thing is that after each turn you must point at the screen to end your turn. The option for a single button push would have eased things a long in a simpler method.

The auctioning of properties, has a simple button push to bid, but you can also bid by raising the remote. I have to set the remote down if I don't want to bid because I have by mistakenly bought properties by just moving the remote a slight bit.

The new richest version is a fun gimmick mode. its not great but its not a game seller. There are some fun mini-games but it seems like majority of the time anyone could win based on luck.

I wouldn't recommend a rent for this game.... Not because its a terribly bad game(its just monopoly, you can't expect too much more then that) I just think someone is better of either buying the gamecube version for less then $15 if you can find it. If you have the patience to wait 6-8 months you should be able to find this game used for cheap or go to best buy and get it for under $20.

generic, and Mr. Monopoly is very repetitive.

great backgrounds. Some more animations would have been nice, or mii options.

controls - 3
The tried to hard to use the Wii's motion sensor

fun factor - 6
the more players the better

replay value - 8
The game will always stand the test of time

overall(not an average)- 5.5

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Family fun

posted by LynnD73 (JACKSON, GA) Dec 20, 2008

Member since Dec 2008

5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

This is great for family fun night. Once you figure how to play. If you have a group and love to play I highly recommend.

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Fun for a group, but....

posted by Bild0zer (ROCHESTER, NY) Nov 16, 2008

Member since Oct 2008

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My wife is a huge fan of Monopoly, having collected dozens of boards.
She was very excited to play Wii Monopoly, but her main complaint was the inability to play with less than 4 players at a time.
The mini games are fun & the Richest mode of alternate play was interesting, although it involved way too much luck & not a great amount of skill for my playing enjoyment.
Playing boards opened up additional boards using different themes.
The ability to create custom boards would have been a plus.
If you love Monopoly & don't mind playing 4 player every time, you will like this game.

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