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Can a classic boardgame really be fun nowadays?

posted by Aragorn225 (FREDERICK, MD) Oct 28, 2010

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I found myself so bored of this game so quickly, i put it back into the mail the day i recieved it. Not only did it make me feel bad for the original creator of Monopoly, ut i feel bad for anyone renting this game! Here's my reasons:

Gameplay: very slow paced and boring. Each player takes turns rolling the dice and then moves the number of spaces on the dice. Some slots have places you can buy for a fee, which you can whole-heartedly deny, or you can land on a space allowing you take a card from the Chance Deck. Chance Deck cards can vary from paying 1,000 hard-earned bucks, or earning 10 to 15 dollars. Seems fun, right? Nope, it gets really boring and pointless after fifteen minutes...

Graphics: Graphics suck... what else can i say? Sorry if this part is a bit too short and lacks details, but i really can't put in any details on how fake, and stupid looking the Graphics looked.

AI: You will find yourself screaming at the AI who continuously beat you EVERY TIME. It is WAY more fun to play with friends, instead of the annoyingly smart and devious AI. Trust me, you're whole effort to raise money and become a millionaire will be undermined the second it's the AI's turn. Playing with friends is way more rewarding.

Conclusion: Some people may really like this, i can see why; Monopoly brings back the old memories of a truly great game. But is it worth buying a PS3 (or Xbox 360) just to play Monopoly when you cna go to Toys R Us and buy one for a buck? Nope. Anyway, see ya'll.


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Very Good

Family Game

posted by o1faerie (MARANA, AZ) Apr 23, 2014

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This is a great game to play as a family or with a group of kids. Not really recommended for kids above 12 though because they my get bored easily. My son who is 10 loves this game but gets confused easily by it.

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Very Good


posted by roni41m (OMAHA, NE) Jul 15, 2013

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I played it on ps3 and it was a lot of fun. I even got my 54 yr old mom to play. lol

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