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is this everyones first time playing monopoly?????

posted by SteelCity (SAXONBURG, PA) Feb 15, 2011

Member since Mar 2010

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I dont understand the reviews. First off the game is not long and drawn out. I played my first three games around thirty to fourty minutes and if you've ever played monopoly you understand it takes quite some time. Waiting for AI to take its turn is not that long either with the speed up option. Outside of people who rent this thinking is was going to be an action packed shoot em up game (and I have no idea why they would) you should enjoy this game. There have been some horrible remakes of the game, but this isnt one of them.

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Best MONOPOLY in some time

posted by JohnnyDark (SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA) Oct 29, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

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Just got MONOPOLY Streets and I love it. Yes I am not normal lol, I do love all the great PS3 games but I play MONOPOLY several times a day everyday even on my cell, (I am disabled so no im not a slacker). This version was made the people who made the last PS3 MONOPOLY game which i have to admit was really really lacking in a lot of areas. But they have addressed almost all of those and the 3D streets version is alot of fun, I did find one error I hope they can fix soon in an update, if you modify the rules the max hotels you can buy is only 20 NOT 22 as is should be so if you own all properties and want hotels on all of them as I do everytime I play you CAN'T, because the game is 2 hotels short, so if your listening, please update this to 22 hotels! :-) Also i find the characters (female) a little sexist perhaps letting us choose from a variety of players to go with tokens as an pay for upgrade? I am looking forward to the international cities 3D unlockable I hope it is as great is it seems, and I also hope the developer provides more such 3d cities as pay for upgrades perhaps on PSN. Note to all developers of any game: if you have a city in your game provide changing day/nite versions its adds so much to repeat play and is SO SO easy to add to the code!

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Good, except for the AI

posted by gamewizard1976 (INDEPENDENCE, MO) Mar 21, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

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This is my first review of any game so take this with that in mind. This is the first Monopoly game I have ever played for the PS3. My intent was that it would be a good family game, my girlfriend and my son. Which is fine, but leaves you forced to use a computer controlled player. Why they force you to use only 4 players with no choice to change.

The game would be decent and fun to play (if you actually like the game of Monopoly) if not for the computer who seems destined to never land on your property with houses and hotels but you can't ever seem to make it past theirs. And that is with the easiest setting for the computer AI. If any of you are like me and enjoy games of skill, this game is not for you. If you have four people then I bet it is great, but the computer will beat you just about every time without exception. Rent it, try it out but expect to send it back frustrated with a computer that you swear is cheating. It could be me though, with chance games I seldom win.

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