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A Fun Game For Monopoly Fans

posted by Joeliboi (SEATTLE, WA) Jan 29, 2012

Member since May 2011

If your'e a fan of monopoly then be sure to rent this game. All the fun and action of the board game brought to life! Very fun overall!

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So many issues' where to start?

posted by CasualGamerWii (LARGO, FL) Dec 23, 2011

Member since Dec 2011

I played the previous version with the same problems. Camera is too close, action is too fast and takes away from the game, the computer AI is too brutal even on easy, the text is small, you cant see where you or the other players are, can't see what turn it is, the computer almost never wants to trade, they give the computer extra turns for no reason. No matter what board you are on, what properties you or the other players have among other issues.

This game makes you want to exit after about 30 minutes.

This is not a fun game!

At least I only paid a few dollars to rent it and not retail. Even if it is free; I would not want it!

Not since Monopoly 64 has there been a great video Monopoly game. Since the vc is dead and that won't be happening in our lifetime, dig through your closet
and dust off the original old fashioned one (TRUE) 3D experience! You will have 100x more fun!

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Really Bad

Enjoyable despite it's flaws

posted by kerwyn8322 (LAKE PANASOFFKEE, FL) Dec 5, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

First off, I have to agree with other reviewers, this game has it's flaws. I'm disappointed that after 2 days we've already unlocked everything, there are only 2 3D boards, and the ai characters are less than desirable. We're probably going to hold on to it a bit longer as we do enjoy playing the game (perhaps only because it IS Monopoly). We enjoy Mr. Monopoly's comments even if he is a jerk LOL. We get a kick out of the houses and hotels that go up. But where we have a hard time is even using Easy AI, they tend to have all the luck, always... played a game where I had most all the properties, max houses/hotels, and it still took forever (2-3 hrs) to bankrupt the AI's. They seem to always land on safe spots and completely avoid your properties where-as another human player always lands on your properties. Frankly, it's a little disappointing sitting around waiting for someone to finish a game because all the other human players have been eliminated. Considering the Ai's can make it safely around the board 6-7 times before landing on hotel, it takes awhile to bankrupt the AI's. The little girl, and the dog-lady are perhaps the most annoying characters ever!
I wish the game had more 3D maps, and wish the dice were not rigged in favor of the AI... but other than that, we've enjoyed playing the game.

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