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Monopoly Party

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Also on:Xbox, PS2
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Try and get all three orange properties and Boardwalk and Park Place. The orange properties are the most hit, and Boardwalk and Park Place are the most expensive when hit.

Monopoly tip 1

Own all the railroads. Try to get them at a low price, but if you have to buy one from someone, spend as much as you need; it will pay off in the end.

Monopoly tip 2

Try to own the entire side between Jail and Free Parking. There are two cards that tell you to land on St. James Place and New York Ave. Also, they are cheap to buy, cheap to build, but have a devastating payoff with hotels.

Monopoly tip 3

Boardwalk and Park Place are highly overrated. Forget about them.

Monopoly tip 4

Waterworks and Electric Company do not bring in money.

Monopoly tip 5

Try to own at least one of every color. That way, more deals will be with you.

Monopoly tip 6

Own houses instead of hotels. There are only thirty two houses. If you own two different color sets and build houses, you will use twenty four houses just with them.

Monopoly tip 7

Late in the game, you will want to go to jail. You can just sit there and bank in the cash. Early in the game, avoid jail to buy your properties.

Monopoly tip 8

If the CPU owns two of the three properties of a color, and there is an auction for the last, raise the stakes high. The CPU will want it.

Monopoly tip 9

If you are in an auction, always go $1 higher than the highest bidder.