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Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Never Ending Tomorrow


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GF Rating


Good game, could have been better

posted by TatsuJin (SAN MARCOS, CA) Apr 24, 2008

Member since Feb 2006

Bandai makes a lot of good games that are based off of a popular anime. I'm an anime fan myself and to say: the games they make do not exceed to the best but rather the games are made into average or above average but not to best or great. Gundam Seed Neverending Tomorrow is more of a beat'em up game. It is fun to play but honestly can be boring if one is not a fan to the anime series. The game has two main stories and there are side stories as well. The two are Kira Yamato's story, who is the main protagonist of Gundam Seed and Athrun Zala, who is Kira's childhood friend. If you know the story, you know why these two are shining the spotlight of the story. The missions section are side stories to specific characters. Personally, I have not seen any of these scenes before nor have I seen them in Gundam Seed. To my guess, it is probably an exclusive story to the expanded universe of Gundam Seed and this part is really kool.

Let me be brief about the graphics of this game. The game composes of both 3D and animation. While the game is 3D, the game also shows actual scenes from Gundam Seed. It's pretty kool and I have no complaint about this.

Too bad there aren't many songs from the anime series. All I hear is plain rock and roll going on in the background which kinda of a let down. If only they play some songs that I love to hear from the anime series.

The controls are way weird. I didn't like the auto-target nor do I like the manual target. The camera control wasn't good at all. Everything else was fine. That's what you expect from a Gundam Game and Bandai. Controls could have been better.

Lasting Interest:
The game lasts long if you like the anime series. I'd personally own a copy of the game myself since I really like the anime series. Rent if you're interested. Buy if you're a fan. Other than that, just try it first before you buy if you're spectacle about it.

Like I said, good game but could have been better.

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GF Rating


Zone Of Enders meets Gundam

posted by danterocks (SALINAS, CA) Jan 12, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

I really liked this game the battle system may have seemed like an overly complicated version of the Zone Of The Enders battle system but you get used to it. For viewers of the animation series and newcomers you will have lots of fun with this game.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Decent Gundam game, But....

posted by Darkmune (FREEPORT, FL) Mar 30, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

ITs a good Gundam Game for Seed, but it follows the story too much, and felt too much like its predessors, Gundam Federation Vs. Zeon, Encounters in space, and Gundam vs Zeta. So to keep this short, I give it an above agerage, if you like seed, Get it, if you want to be Kira or Athrun in their Gundam, get it, but for me, its a good rental. all and all, Good. good luck, and have fun.

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