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Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire

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Not bad

posted by bigtimer22 (SALVISA, KY) Jul 24, 2014

Member since Oct 2009

I loved this game I felt the graphics were great for its time and if you actually bother to pay attention most if not all launch titles are failures for all consoles even the ps4 and xbox one had pretty bad launch titles this was an awesome game for its time and I still have it to this date and sadly all the best gundam games stay in japan including the series to this the storyline was pretty straight foreward and so are the controls

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Could have been better.

posted by 261998 (BROOKLYN, NY) Jul 23, 2013

Member since Jun 2010

The one thing the game gets right are the mobile suits and the ONE gundam because they look like ones form the original show.
You can change the color or the guns for the mobile suit bringing a RPG feel into the game.
You can pick sides also bringing a RPG feel.
You and a friend can figth in a vs mode just no laser guns
Little to no ammo on missions you will run out before you know it.(Hit don't use laser guns or heavy guns they have only five or four shots)
There is only one gundam and it's for one side.
Every color option is dark and gray looking and brings goth feeling in the game i know it is a sad world but still to dark.
Your crew ai's are dump and there is no point of picking crew because they all fight the same way. It would have been nice to have a sniper, a sword fighter or a heavy gunner or just a normal gunner.
Controls suck.
Missions are almost the same kill five guys here, destroy the base here, escort two planes from here to here, keep the base safe, take over the base, destroy the object
When you do win the voice actor sounds like they found out they are going to die.
Both final missions are same.
Both sides play the same.
Game is short.
No charter development what so ever
This could have been a great but it feel short on every thing a game needs. If you are a fan rent it you might like it like i did but if not stay a way if you like big robots fighting you should rent it but not buy it.

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Decent, but needs some work.

posted by acidbath91 (ORLANDO, FL) Sep 8, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

When it comes to realism, this game is pretty dead on. You hack at an enemy with a beam saber, they're gonna lose limbs. You shoot the weapons on a Guncannon's shoulders, they're gonna fall off and become unusable. Realism like this isn't seen very often, and it's rather refreshing to know that the developers wanted to attempt to incorporate an experience to try and simulate what being in a Mobile Suit is like. However, when it comes to the controls of the game, it's rather clunky. Mobile Suits are not supposed to be fast-moving and incredibly agile, and adds an extra level of difficulty to the game, but the movement could be a little less rigid and a tad more flexible, so when you're getting upclose and person with your enemy, it's not tedious to try and fight them. You start off, as always, with really basic MS types, but as you progress through the game, they start becoming more agile, and gaining better melee weapons and firepower. The combat was generally fun, although it could get very chaotic if you're not paying to the enemies around you. My only true complaint about the combat is that it relied way to heavily on locking on to your enemies. If you tried to snipe your opponents from a distance (even if you're on Easy difficulty, mind you) your enemies can see farther than you, and have much better accuracy. This made trying to stay in the back of the field quite harsh, as to it was never wise to stay in one spot. When it come to your allies AI, it's like all the other pilots are monkeys in a toy factory. They're not very useful until much later on when you're actually able to command them to perform certain tasks. When it comes down to it, I have to give this game a 7, taking in to account all of it's pros and cons. If you're a true Gundam fan, and you enjoy Mecha games with a decent challenge, this is a game for you!

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