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posted by StarWars94 (BAYONNE, NJ) Feb 3, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

10 out of 17 gamers (59%) found this review helpful

Good things: Graphics are good, movement is realy smooth

Bad Things: Basically everything else. What is the point of the elevator scenes? All it does is your waste time. The controls can be annoying. The jump and wall run are the same button and you can already guess this means trouble. I find myself jumping when I want to wall run and I wall run when I want to jump. On stair ways you are continuously find yourself stuck and it makes it easy to die from pursuing enemies. Combat is broken. It takes forever to kill an enemy hand to hand, even if you have a gun it's annoying to aim cause they keep moving around while aiming at you with no problem. The game is WAY too short. I sucked at it and I still was able to beat it in a day on normal! AI is far smarter and stronger than you. Their aiming is that of a marksman and they can take you down with two hits in hand to hand. They attack in groups so while you're fighting one enemy, the others shoot and kill you in moments. This type of game is what I like to call "trial and error". You have to die so many times till you know in advance where everything is and when to hit the right buttons to complete the jumps. This basically takes the fun out of the game, it also really ticks you off. If you're looking for a game to raise your blood pressure, this game is for you. You'll face will be red and you'll throw your remote faster than you can die.

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posted by reedseed26 (EDINBORO, PA) Dec 16, 2008

Member since Dec 2008

10 out of 17 gamers (59%) found this review helpful

Frustrating!!!! Great concept, however you are so rushed during game play that you can't enjoy it.
I just couldn't pull off any of the cool moves they showed during the load screens, sometimes trying to run away just got me killed faster! while trying to take out the cops i'd always get killed. I don't know the game is cool, i liked jumping off the buildings those puzzles were ok, but it needed some kind of lock on system for bad guy nock-outs. I usually have no trouble beating games, I didn't try to finish this. I'm sure some people will like this game and some, like me won't

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Interesting but good example of what not to do.

posted by mattr25 (PHOENIX, AZ) Jan 18, 2009

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Member since Dec 2006

12 out of 21 gamers (57%) found this review helpful

Novel concept, semi realistic graphics and actions.

So much for what is right, now what is wrong. The controls are screwy, the two action buttons are same side of the controller, there is a use all attack button and that about covers the controls. Looking is simply a matter of looking in the direction you want to go, it is not engaging to look about, you simply need to look the direction you move and not touch it until direction changes.

You get a so called open world, with red markers creating a path, there is nothing open about this world. The recognition program is weak, at the very start you are to jump up a wall to a higher area and sidle along a walkway, first attempt I fell off because it did not notice I was on the walkway.

You are to crouch when you fall longer distance, but doing so is questionable. To early and you get hurt, to late and you get hurt, the right time, unknown, perhaps if I could stand not doing it right several times.

Combat is mostly a serious matter f not doing it. Actually doing it, unless the ones you are supposed to get past you die.

The idea behind this game is interesting, the story line is interesting, actually playing, is not interesting. Prime example of good idea done wrong.

Not that you can expect anything else from EA, new direction my rear end.

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