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Mirrors Edge

posted by foolmanchu (BRISTOL, WI) Nov 20, 2008

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83 out of 117 gamers (71%) found this review helpful i couldnt think of a good title for this review, sue me. thats how it normally goes. catchy title followed by a witty quip relating to said title.

unfortunatley...theres realy nothing sarcastic or funny so say about Mirrors Edge. its a good game. it just is.
1. the graphics. theyre clean, crisp, simple, and beautiful. this game is a perfect example of minimalism for best results.
2. level design. not only are the levels big, but they guide u thru them with little to no OBVIOUS indication as to where to go. subtle color changes and improvisation are all that guide u to the end.
3. story. its actually pretty good. the voice acting is solid and i kinda enjoyed the change between animated cutscene and live action-ish gameplay.
4. gameplay. dice has almost perfected the firstperson view with this game. ur peripherals blur, u react to harsh light, u black out...the only thing thats missing is the occasional hair blocking the view of the player while running. Yes, this game is a run,jump,shoot (downplay on the shoot if u want an 80pt achievement)...but the way they do it is fun and adreneline pumping. the physics are very realistic, and at points, maybe TOO realistic. vertigo is very real when u look down from high rooftops, and if u fall...well, the sound and visuals combined may give u a personal fear of heights.

1. maybe a bit TOO realistic. getting shot HURTS. more than a couple of bullets and ur dead. fall more than 25 feet without rolling, dead, mis-time a jump...dead.
2. no real multiplayer. i'd personally like to see a sequel with some sort of pass/intercept message capture the flag sorta deal, or maybe just splitscreen foot races...idk.

eitherway, this game has no real flaws. u'll either like it or not. if u like fast paced games and/or portal, u'll love this. its kinda short though, so if u dont think u'll replay it, just rent. a 8 and 1/2 outa 10.

this review brought to u by pucheo films on youtube.

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Innovative Fun

posted by perilX (UPLAND, CA) Nov 21, 2008

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24 out of 36 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I have rated this game a perfect 10. I found really no flaws with this game.

Some complain of falling too much or bad collision, never did I have this problem. There were times when the jumps were indeed very hard, but too many players today expect the ending to be hand fed to them.

If you remember, how hard was it to beat old games? 3 lives for 15 levels, if you lost you start over. Over time, we have lost sense of that and expect to be able to control these games like we are just along for the ride, with no REAL effort. I remember those games and miss them very much so. I literally, died about 40 times on one jump, and I didn't blame the game. I know there are people out there that are better than I am and landed it the first time. Getting the technique requires a fair amount of skill.

The game can be very difficult, but that should not deter you from grading it how it should be, an amazingly innovative and very fun game.

The story was well executed, albeit not an epic quest of sorts. It places you in a realistic situation for your characters setting. No mythical creatures, amazing robots or undead zombies here.

The artwork was absolutely phenomenal. Being an art major, I can really admire the work and talent of the art team. Many times did I catch myself thinking "Wow, that looks real." The artists did an amazing job and they deserve immense amounts of credit.

The music was great as well. It fits the art style perfectly, a very clean and new age feel. The voice acting was well done too!

And the strong point was the gameplay. Any quarrels one has with the other aspects should be greatly outweighed by the gameplay. This takes the embodiment of freerunning and puts it in your hands. A truly fresh and open world giving you so much freedom, you actually become the character. You are constantly on the edge wondering if you will run into "the blues" at any given moment.

Now, I tell you, this game is hard. You will die. A LOT. But it's worth every moment.

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has potential, but is frustrating in the end

posted by octopon (SAN MARCOS, CA) May 19, 2009

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19 out of 32 gamers (59%) found this review helpful

The good:

This game looks fantastic. The sound is great, as well as the music.

The Bad:

This game basically takes the Prince of Persia games and makes it a first person view with no combat. I didn't really mind that the combat pretty much sucked because that's not the idea of the game. What really bummed me out was the frustration factor. First, this game is VERY linear. In an environment that appears to be very open world, it isn't. With a whole city roofscape at your disposal, you have a pre-determined path set up for you. Here comes the next level of frustration....The game mechanics are pretty cloogy. You have to time things just right to pull of certain jumps, slides, grabs, swings, falls, punches, disarms...the list goes on. Let's not forget about the fact that there are some jumps that if you are not extremely precise on where you jump from and your aim, you will plummet to your death. There are several spots in the game that take many tries to finally get.

Overall, there are some fun parts, but for the most part, the frustration outweighs the fun factor. Before I played this, I heard mixed reviews, so I didn't have high expectations, but I was let done. It's worth the rent just to see if you'll like it, but it seems there are people who like it, and people, like me, who don't.

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