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Lost its Edge?

posted by Mikerra (Grand Rapids, MI) Nov 17, 2008

Member since Oct 2008

This game is good in fact its great but why only an 8 well to put it simply it gets boring.

This game is one of the most origonal games of 2008 its litteral first person view worked perfectly along with the jumping running and all the key things that you need in this game but what didnt work is the repetitiveness.

Early in the game you learn to master your basic movements, jumping running along walls and balancing. but then when you head torward the middle of the game I felt bored like I have seen this all before the blue red and white building got old fast thankfully you got a break in builing after a while. The combat system worker well but at times I could have sworn I did something correct like staling a gun but somehow I didnt it can make you aggrevated over time.

Overall this game is great graphiclly and with sound, everythign works well mechanicly but like I said the story was the only let down. this is a rent not a buy.

Gameplay - 7 (it just got boring)
Graphics - 9 (I love the textures and colors but thats the same thing we see almost the whole time)
Sound - 9 (great voice acting along with music)

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posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Nov 17, 2008

Top Reviewer

Member since May 2003

Mirror's Edge is a different type of game. If you loved the game Portal by Valve, that only gives you the player the option of figureing your way around the game. Mirror's Edge will be a MUST have.

Mirror's Edge is a brilliantly designed, first person orientated game, but takes away the guns and gives you acrobatic capabilities. DICE has once again designed a true marvel of a game with amazing graphics and interface that is truly unlike no other. Mirror's Edge world dynamics is like Ubisoft's Prince of Persia and Assassin's Creed, but instead of being third person in the game you have the first person perspective.

You play as a Runner in Mirror's Edge, that comes into many obstacles that will have you hoppin' in your chair while jumping and skimming across the skyscrapers in Mirror's Edge 's world. With the ability of encountering enemy's you can either run an dodge the encounters, or take they're weapons an eliminate anything in your path. With a great story and plot the game is very well balanced and interesting.

Even if you are not into strategic game play that you have to be aware of the surroundings, Mirror's Edge is a true must check out just cause all the amazing detail with brilliant graphics DICE has constructed. The world of Mirror's Edge is just truly stunning with its great ambient environment detail that really sets you inside the world of Mirror's Edge.

There is also a 2 player multiplayer ability where you and another can run threw a level to test how quick you are into engaging the obstacle..

Mirror's Edge is truly a Brilliant game..

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Old School Meets New School

posted by SNUGGS (HOLLYWOOD, FL) Nov 17, 2008

Member since Sep 2007

If your a fan of old school platformers such as Mario Bros., Kid Icarus, and hordes of others and love doing speed runs and going for perfect run this is THE game 4 you. Whats makes it unique is its all in first person and sets itself apart from the pack. If u want a shoot em up look elsewhere, this game has some horrible shooting mechanics and rightfully so cause its not meant to be played as such. Its looks great as u would expect and my only real gripe is its length ull blow through this in a weekend. Other than that perfecting your runs will keep u coming back 4 more.

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