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GF Rating


Trial and error and error and error

posted by Shasta97 (AURORA, CO) Nov 22, 2008

Member since Mar 2005

This game is a great concept. EA gets huge points for originality. This game is an FPS with very little S. I liked the storyline and the overall delivery of the product. The concept is great and truly innovative. I also liked the cartoonish delivery of the cut scenes which give the game a film noir feel, but also kind of remind me of the ESURANCE commercials. All in all but there are some major flaws that could make this unplayable for some.

First, when you come across enemies (called Blues), there is very little choice but to run from them. You can try to disarm them which when done successfully results in some cool animations, but it only takes two hits from them to kill you. And they usually appear in groups so even though you are knocking one of them out, the others are still shooting (and eventually) killing you. Even when you have a gun at your disposal, its tough to aim and take down enemies. So that can be frustrating.

Second, the concept of this game is brilliant - free form running aka Parkour. As you run, jump, slide and shimmy throughout the environment there is a sense of freedom in the game. One problem - a lot of times you will make the wrong choice or take the wrong path which ends in a spectacular fall at terminal velocity. So you end up replaying scenes over and over again to try to find the right path to overcome the particular scene or obstacle. This takes away some of the free-form sensation from the game because it largely becomes about trial and error. That becomes even tougher when you are being chased by "Blues".

I think for a first attempt at a game like this, its a solid effort. If EA can work out a few of the aforementioned kinks, this could be a franchise to build on for years to come.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Great Concept, but...

posted by finalcut (JACKSONVILLE, FL) Nov 22, 2008

Member since Oct 2004

The gameplay in the first level is amazing. running around, climbing, jumping, it really is amazing, and the visuals are stunning. However, once the bad guys come into play, it gets a bit less interesting. I also didn't really see the need for the animated cut scenes, which looked like cheaply done flash animations. It seems like the in-game visuals would have done much better. Worth checking out though, just for the feeling of the first level alone, if nothing else. Download the demo first.

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GF Rating



posted by Anaujiram (COLUMBIA, SC) Nov 21, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

I have to say i was looking forward to this game coming out, but after playing it, i would advise renting before buying.
The game actually starts out pretty good and keeps your attention, but around chapter 4-5 the levels start getting insanely hard and you die so often it gets frustrating. It seems the cops become almost superhuman and they only have to body check you twice and you die. Not to mention the stupid runner cops, where if you try to fight them, they block everything u throw and if u hesitate or she doesnt get up the wall fast enough, consider yourself dead and starting at ur last checkpoint. i actually had to put the game down for a day or two before i wanted to finish it.
Overall its visually stunning and thats it. its extremely short, it will test ur patience, and the online portion isnt worth dirt. Could have been much, much better. i hope they make a sequel so they can fix all these issues and maybe expand on gameplay.

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