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A great concept & fun. Controls need improvement.

posted by F0ldsAtHom (SANTA MARIA, CA) Nov 26, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

As a fair warning, my initial opinion may be rather biased because I do not usually play First person perspective games. I love games in the Tomb Raider/Ninja Gaiden/Prince of Persia/ genre. This game was a lot like playing one of those but with a substantial drawback. The aforementioned are not first-person. Mirror's Edge concept is original, the graphics and sound are spot-on and overall the game is a lot of fun.

Fun overall game. Not too invasive on family life. Good graphics; 720p. Appropriate for kids (light profanity). Dialog is canned. A center view button that returns your camera-look perspective to 0,0 would be nice along with a location map. Controls need much work. Less focus on fighting.

The Pros
The graphics are spot-on. The game play is fun. The acrobatics and mobility factors are vast and non-linear. Note: non-linear meaning there are many methods to reach the goal, the game is still goal oriented by chapter. You can put it down on a whim and not deal with redoing the whole chapter because the checkpoints are numerous.

The Cons
The game control is lacking much. Motion control is bad regardless of your Dualshock3 battery level. Also for a game like this there needs to be a custom button config screen. The templates are just not enough.
The combat sequences are horrible. Early on not so much but in the last chapters they are frustrating and overpowered. Also, for a girl without a weapon the hardest setting will curse you with "head shots" more frequently. This doesn't raise the game's difficulty, it just makes it frustrating. With invested time even a casual gamer can fly through the escape sequences. Time trial trophies are cool. Seasoned gamers even will find it difficult to get through the later combat sequences.
The game is on the short side. For casual gamers is not necessarily a problem. There is enough content packed into the chapters to leave you hungering for a sequel (after EA perfects the control scheme). That's all. Enjoy.

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GF Rating


Too short

posted by cs001x (fort worth, TX) Nov 26, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

I would have given it a 9 if it wasn't for how short it was, and probably a 10 if it was a 25$ downloadable on PSN. It needed double the levels and much more roof top content than indoors and hanging from pipes. The crain scene was outstanding, it needs more of that content that actually gives you a rush when consuming it.

A point system would of been nice too, points for running without stopping, jumps off objects, slides, run-by-melee-knockouts.

I'm a shooter fan. You gave me guns. Mistake, made the combat trival. There was no incentive whatsoever to melee.

I only care for playing through a game once, and in storyline mode. So I probably would of given a higher score if I cared about replay value, as it triples the play time at the very least with all the time trials and trying to get all the bags.

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GF Rating


Breakthough game!

posted by emptyeyes (VANCOUVER, WA) Nov 24, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

This is how the Matrix games should have been made. This game is all about evasion, and balancing fighting with running. It's like no other game I have ever played.

The game is not all about being shot at though. There are also some tricky acrobatic moves you must master to get to places no one would expect a person to be able to access.

A good story about Big Brother government, though a little vague and detached feeling.

Much like Portals, Mirror's Edge is a small gem of a game with only about 7 hours of main story gameplay. But it's a game that I hope will influence more games to come.

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