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Mini Ninjas

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Ninjas yes...exciting?...meh.

posted by ChillGamer (ATLANTA, GA) Oct 7, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

Mini Ninjas was a pretty cool game for the age group. But it was a little silly as far as game play.

In the game you have to find Jutsu (spells) and search for plants so you can make potions and things that will help you on your quest. But most of the time it was pointless because you can beat any and everything in the game with an energy potion and some smarts. I didn't use any of the spells except for a few. Then the final boss battle comes up and I'm like "I gotta use the spells NOW."

We rescued six characters and you can switch between them. But it didn't really matter. The main character was the only one who can cast spells. If they gave him the power to shoot arrows and beat up super big guys, there would have been no need to rescue your buddies.

The camera was really poor and there was no auto lock on enemies. So it was hard to point at one guy and attack him. They could have put that on the Wii Remote pointer. They made the pointer control the camera and it was really difficult.

I got so tired of running through the forest and killing samurai I fell alseep several times. There were really no objectives but to get to point B and collect things on the way.

Other than that I really liked the characters and the environments. I just wish the programmers shortened the levels.

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Slowest ninjas ever

posted by Sweaves (GREENFIELD, MA) Aug 23, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

I rented this game since I, like many people, am a fan of ninjas. That being said, this has the be the slowest ninja game ever. You don't get the ability to dash until a few quests in, and the dash isn't that much faster, and doesn't work for very long. It probably wouldn't be so bad if there were something to do in between walking ever so slowly from one place to another, but its minutes of slow walking through grass, fight a couple enemies for a few seconds, walk slowly through more grass, talk for a while, repeat. I didn't last much longer than the second village until I gave up and returned the game.

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WOW, wat a game!

posted by thebeatle (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jul 8, 2010

Member since May 2010

just kidding.
this game was awful. the story was amature at best. this game is okey if u want to get ur little brother of your back for some hours. honestly this is not my kind of game. i didnt get far on it but just because i got bored hours into it. maybe its your kind of game but i really dont belive anyone above the age of 10 would even play this game. it was my mistake to rent it. overall i give it a 1 out of 10. i guess this game would be alright for begginer

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