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Also on:PS3, DS, Xbox 360
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Mini Ninjas: Mini Fun

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 17, 2009

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Playing Mini Ninjas made me feel like I've seen this type of game many, many times before. An evil has taken control of the land, and it's up to our heroes to stop it by wandering through the land, beating up any enemies they face and collecting all sorts of stuff.
Wait, isn't that the plotline for almost every 3D platformer?
Mini Ninjas tries to break the mold by giving the player weapons and spellls - some of which work, like the fireball, while others are there just to solve puzzles (namely the one that creates sunshine.)
I got a real kick out of the archer ninja; it's good fun to hit enemies from a distance. The others are just okay.
But, the story shown here doesn't hold up it's part of the deal - the characters are not developed at all, the bad guys are almost all the same, and there's really no advancement to the story after each chapter. It's just go from point A to point B, fight a boss ever few levels, and repeat over and over again.
And the biggest problem here is the same as many other 3D platformers: the camera. Far too often it wanders about, and there's the constant headache of off screen enemies shooting me in the back. This game could use a simple command to instantly bring the camera behind the ninja or a lock on for the archer ninja.
Still, there's a lot of content on display here, and there's plenty of places to explore and find stuff. You collect money and items, then you can buy recipies for potions, collect the ingriedients for the potion and make them at you lesiure.
But I found this part hard due to the mess that is the inventory screen. Scrolling through the spells, items, recipies and ingriedients can get annoying.
Mini Ninjas is a smalll step for the 3D platforming genre with the content, but the camera and inventory screen makes it only a small step. RENT IT.

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Great Third Party Sleeper

posted by makashakur (FREMONT, CA) Sep 11, 2009

Member since Jan 2005

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

+Graphics and animation are excellent
+Versatile moveset and tools
+Large, replayable stages with hidden items
+Great camera
+Repetitive combat can be avoided with stealth
+Character switching provides variety
-No stage map to avoid backtracking
-Checkpoints are too far apart for quick sessions
-Autosave has no SD card option
-Ranged weapons lack lock-on
-Button mapping is not customizable

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A Farting Boss = good fun - the smell :)

posted by ginsu2000 (NORTON, OH) Sep 16, 2009

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It took me a less than 4 and a half hours to finish this game (granted I didn't collect EVERYTHING) but I'd have to say "Bravo." After almost tossing it in the envelope for return after having some serious "stay on the rope" issues, I hunkered down pretty much held down the 'c' button and leveled up as necessary and shot for the end bosses. All of them are button press battles save for the final boss which requires you to use some aggressive magic scroll you should have picked up in about the first 1/2 hour of play. Watching the 'extras' does evoke some emotion for these characters, however you pretty much use your starter for the duration. One quibble was the escape avalanche stage which makes you 'redo' the whole thing if it catches up to you, but the end more than pays off (spoiler alert) that evil warlord actually makes his castle become alive and you must navigate its guts starting at it's feet to reach the top and duke it out with him one on one (stock healing potions!) All in all if you've got about 5 hours to kill this is an awesome run through (us the '+' for direction and shoot for the bosses and you're in for a good time... the 'farting' boss was a hoot)

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