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Also on:PS3, Wii, DS
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Above Average

A Kids game, and Casual player game type.

posted by 777Kilo (CLEVELAND, OH) Sep 11, 2009

Member since Jan 2006

Mini Ninjas did meet my expectations of what I thought the game was going to be, and that was, a great game to rent. It is just a nice simple game to play, I would not think hardcore gamers should look into this unless you do like to play a simple game every once and in a while.
The graphics are what they are, this is a kids game after all, and it is aimed towards them. I do have to say though they could have done a little better on making the characters cooler. The environment is great and well design. This does give you the feel of old china or japan wherever you may be.
The controls are nice and simple. No out of place buttons, but it does get a little repetitive pressing the X button, and adding a Y every once in a while to stun the enemy and make them stop blocking. Would be nice to have different types of combos, but once again this is a game aimed towards children.
The gameplay is nice, you do get to sneak around, but it is not like Tenchu. It is more like hiding in tall grass, making bushes appear and using them as cover. You do get cool ninja items such as the basic stuff; smoke bombs, throwing stars, etc. Then you get the ninjutsu art; from making tornado, lighting clouds to strike the enemy, to even overshadowing a bear and using the bear claws to kill the enemy. There are multiply characters to use but you will find yourself using the main character more.
The story is aim towards children so everyonce in a while something will happen to the enemies that will kids laugh. Even during a battle against a boss I would slice at him then pull his pants down just so I could hit him; and don’t worry you don’t see anything but his underwear.
Sadly no online or multiplayer so it is something that will be played by once self or taking turns per stage.
I will once again clarify, that this is a game is aimed at CHILDREN, and not to be taking as some sort of next gen hardcore ninja game. I would recommenced this game as a rent for you casual players or if youhavekids

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by adamdevry (ORLANDO, FL) Sep 11, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

Mini ninja is a very very fun game. If you want a break from all the FPS games and RPG's then I say you should give this game a try. Its easy to just pick up and play. If you have ever played I Ninja then you would like this game. The magic you get is really fun to use and the bad guys make the game really good too. Some are a hard but not to hard. The level bosses make the game even better. The graphics are great for a cartoon game. Well I do not want to give anything away but I am glad I got to play til the end I feel it was worth every min.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by militis (TULSA, OK) Sep 10, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

This is a good title to play if you enjoy simple yet compelling game play. Amusing story, good graphics. It does get repetitive at times, but doesn't make you hate it. Because of the game was very basic and i beat it in about 5 hours, I only gave it a 8, but it's worth a rent.

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