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Above Average

Square pumps out another oddball

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Jan 23, 2011

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Square Enix is usually definitely known for creating some weird games, and this is one of them. Mindjack is based on the concept of being able to use mind control to takeover enemy humans and robots. You can become this little floaty cloud and 'mindjack' over available targets in the game using certain controls.

Using this mindjack ability, you can become a lot of different characters and robots throughout the campaign and multiplayer modes. This game is also designed to be played 'OPEN', giving you or others the ability to hack into other gamer's sessions...literally. You can join another xbox live game that is OPEN, and hack into either his team, or you can hack into the enemy team and try to kill the host and impede his progress (perfect to annoy people). You can also turn this mode to OFF if you want to just play by yourself and not have people hack your game and mess you up.

So that adds a unique aspect to this third person shooter. It also uses a cover system like Gears of War, when you press A to get in and out of cover. It's very flawed and doesn't work half the time which adds to the frustration of this game. Along with that, it takes a thousand bullets to kill enemies, while theirs seem to shred through you like you're made of paper. The guns are pretty bland, not much variety or uniqueness. The shooting gameplay in Mindjack is below average, and on level with games like "Wanted" and "007 Bloodstone."

If you're looking for something different, than I may suggest checking this out, but I could recommend 100 better shooters for the 360. The story is non-existent, graphics were blurry, sound was bad, and the campaign was repetitive. Online play was kind of fun, but there is not much depth to anything, including customization, character leveling and upgrading, new guns, etc. A very forgettable game that I would only play if you are also an oddball or want to get a few easy achievement points.

Milt Drucker

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Absoluetly horrible.

posted by lordkor (MANAHAWKIN, NJ) Jan 20, 2011

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Don't be like me and let the high ratings fool you, this game is garbage warmed over. Utterly boring and repetitive, once you play for 10 minutes it's the same through the whole game. Same enemies with minor variations, same weapons, idiotic AI for a partner. I returned it the same day. It had promise, the visuals were pretty good and the ability to take over someone else was a nice add. However it ends there. Apparently you have to observe a woman who is a target of interest, then suddenly you become an outlaw instantly because of a fight. Now everyone is trying to kill you and her. Although there is a "single player" campaign, the game is obviously designed for multiplayer. The game has way too much of a arcade style shooter. It's divided into stages, some which are very short. You start a stage, fight enemies, complete the stage, start the next one. Same thing over and over it gets far too predictable. It's like putting peanut butter and jelly on different bread, tastes practically the same each time although it looks slightly different. Also, weapons don't carry over to the next stage. You start each one with a crummy pistol and need to find others. Your partner is a complete moron, often charging into a fire fight, and they won't pick up any weapons unless you take control of them. Enemies also take a good amount to kill even with head shots. Also, they keep spawing out of buildings until usually you kill a certain amount, again very arcadish. A better plot or storyline, well, wouldn't help but might have been nice all the same.

Mind control

Idiotic AI
Two weapon limit

Idiotic AI
Too arcadish

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GF Rating


Garbage doesn't even begin to cover it.

posted by CaBBisH (LAKEWOOD, CO) Jan 18, 2012

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This game gets a 1 because it's trash complete and utter trash. The friendly AI seems like it was designed to make everything in the game more difficult. The controls are so poor that the game is almost unplayable, and the voice acting, story, and graphics follow suit, there is nothing redeeming about this game.

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