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this game so/so

posted by gatorchron (LAS VEGAS, NV) Mar 20, 2014

Member since Oct 2012

this game good & bad well here good about it.

pro: this game have good gameplay & gaphics what so cool mind your enemy when they die push square also what so cool when u die u can go people mind or rebecca mind i dont know about enemy mind later game but they can kill there team if u hack there mind. Another think like about this game is that your friends or other player join your game & your rank carry over the multiplayer.

Con: i hate about this game is that when u kill enemy you have to be close mind hack there mind & this game really reptivie you die alot. Another thing that ignoing every time you beat the level they ask continue the game even when you start the game they ask you if you want set online so people join your campaign they do this all the time it so ignoring i didn't try multiplayer because it might not people there mind be wrong but i didn't try multiplayer so also the guns not great to kill your enemys.

If you think worth rent yea try it out but if you don't like reptivie games that make you mad don't rent this game but not worth buy tho

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Horrible timing and guys jumping off screen

posted by azmiami9460 (CHANDLER, AZ) Aug 21, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

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Its been a very long time since ive had a game where a guy somehow is inside a wall, still hits me with shots, and I can't hit him back or seem to do anything about him. Also, the mindjacking takes a long time to acomplish, while my two players stand out and get shot over and over, not really utilizing cover. Same goes for the enemies for that matter. Finally, I found the last straw was the freezes i had. 3 times in 5 hrs is to much to bear for a game of this calibur. I rarely find games unplayable, as i enjoy most games even if others hate it, but this one belongs on a do not play list. Great concept for the game though, I do hope they try this game out again with a better engine to see how well this idea can become as I think it has a chance to really be a great game if given a better system to work with and alot less glithces and bugs to hamper it.

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What is wrong with this game?!?!?

posted by roccodog1 (MERIDIAN, ID) Apr 3, 2012

Member since Aug 2011

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After playing this game just one time I was almost ready to break the disk to pieces, douse it in holy water, and then light it on fire! This game is marred by technicle issues, bad AI( I mean, seriously, bosses that fire at the ground and explode when you kill the lesser enemies???). This game was the second worst game I ever played. And don't fall in for the multiplayer idea. DO NOT BUY OR RENT THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!

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