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GF Rating


Great Multiplayer Experience

posted by cruelslaw (YOUNGSTOWN, OH) Jan 2, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

If you are playing Mindjack by itself, you will be woefully dissapointed. The gameplay is repetitive, chunky, boring, etc... Add a friend through online play and the game gains a great new dynamic. Granted, the controls, graphics, story and whatnot are exactly the same, but somehow - perhaps through an act of sorcery - Mindjack is enjoyable! Whether you are helping a fellow mindjacker progress through the story , or even better, breaking a rival mindjacker's spirit by repeatedly defeating his team soundly, mindjack's multiplayer spirit offers glimpses of what a good coop 3rd person game should be.

Mindjack is certainly worth a couple hours of your time, especially considering the price on it now.

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GF Rating


Fun game to beat.

posted by jb777 (DAVIE, FL) Aug 19, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

The game is fun to run through at least once. The graphics are ok and its fun to shoot at giant robots. Its not the best game of its kind but its fun enough to play the story mode. The game is fairly short and is full of action. The AI isnt the smartest in video games but its smart enough to offer a challenge. This game is worth a round for the action segments. Im glad I have GameFly so I could have fun running through this game without having to buy it.

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Beep Beep Beep, get used to it.

posted by joecessini (LEBANON, TN) Jul 22, 2011

Member since Jan 2010

That incessant beeping will drive you mad, when you or your AI partner "die" you will hear a beep until you are revived. Your AI partner sucks and WHEN they engage an enemy they will most likely die and you must revive them. In most cases they do little more than provide a distraction for you, so you can take out the baddies, but on rare ocasions if you use them right you can take them over and take on your enemies from two angles.
The targeting is only average and it takes tons of hits to kill an enemy, the sound track it limited, if not non-existant.
What makes this game good is the concept, It's awsome being able to takeover a defeted enemy and use him for your bidding, taking over civiliams to join in your quest, for a short while. You can also "hack" in to someone elses game, if they allow it, and enhance their gameplay.
Square Enix tried and came up a little short maybe they will try again in the future and make it just a little better.

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