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Fun Game

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Jan 21, 2011

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This game reminds me of a awesome game on the Nintendo64 called WinBack...

Playing like a 3rd person shooter, Mind Jack has a very alternative style of gameplay... Interface is like Resident evil titles, except you are able to move around and shoot/aim.

You play as Jim Coheijn, a Agent of an elite squad, who was tracking a person and manage to stumble into a crime he was investigating... Accused by the state of Authority, Jim and his partner are now fleeing to find evidence that sets them, both not Guilty.

Mind Jack is really a neat game... The graphics are sub-par but the game is very fun to play. You have the ability to MINDHACK anything -- Mind hacking is taking control over a person or thing and using it as a weapon against the enemy.
The multiplayer is also very unique. In the Multiplayer you can have friends or random players "Hack" into your game. Hacking into a game consists of a person connecting to a game and selecting what team to be on... ~Which is the fun part... You can join a random game and be the enemy in the Game's main story... -OR- You can join a random game and aid that person threw the main story.

The multiplayer paces the game a bit differently... Also, it is unlike no other title out there...

The game is fun and has a twist to it when it comes to multiplayer... If you like a challenging game--this one is a definite rent...

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GF Rating

Very Good

Super Mega Smasher

posted by tidusguy99 (SHOW LOW, AZ) Jan 24, 2011

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"Super Mega Smasher"

If anyone has ever played the game "The Bouncer" you will be comforted. The game is very similar in nature. Mindjack play's like another 3rd person shooter when comes to the controls, but departs when it comes to the battlefield. Player's can hack into any enemy or civilian that is foreseeable. This leads to some interesting teamwork and strategies, will you sneak upon them with the exploding robot while you you corner them in with a shield robot, while you snipe the people trying to get out? All the game can be played with a co-op wanderers, up to a couple depending on the level, that also includes enemy players that can come hack into your game. The game also features a level up system where you can upgrade your character with "arts" such as carrying an extra grenade, or damage reduction ala uncharted 2. The story is strange, but is definitely one that will keep you thinking as you play. As you play, you will have different partner's, they each have their own personality but are sometimes shrouded by silly voice work, but it adds to the experience. Most of the many "people" you play as don't differ too much. But that is OK because there are space gorillas and roomba vacuums that DO play differently. The game is short, like the bouncer, but catches itself with re playability. There's many reasons to go back playing, trophies/ achievements , which are fun to get and to unlock all the plug ins and arts. i personally enjoy this game and find the graphics similar to deadly premonition, and the environments differ with the story but don't get too spectacular. The game clocks in about 7 hours shorter if you don't do anything else, but i like the length. There is always people hacking into my games, and i'm always doing the same. Though you should really play the game with people being able to hack into your game to get the best experiences of mindjack, and if you don't wanna be bothered by people you can just lock hackers out. I would recommended th

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Great Multiplayer Experience

posted by cruelslaw (YOUNGSTOWN, OH) Jan 2, 2012

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If you are playing Mindjack by itself, you will be woefully dissapointed. The gameplay is repetitive, chunky, boring, etc... Add a friend through online play and the game gains a great new dynamic. Granted, the controls, graphics, story and whatnot are exactly the same, but somehow - perhaps through an act of sorcery - Mindjack is enjoyable! Whether you are helping a fellow mindjacker progress through the story , or even better, breaking a rival mindjacker's spirit by repeatedly defeating his team soundly, mindjack's multiplayer spirit offers glimpses of what a good coop 3rd person game should be.

Mindjack is certainly worth a couple hours of your time, especially considering the price on it now.

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