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GF Rating

Very Good

A very fun game.

posted by Kifu (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Apr 5, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

For a strategy puzzle type game, I give this high high marks! Granted there were a few things that I really didn't like.
1. If you mess up by moving a unit to the wrong spot or you accidentally delete the wrong unit, then you can be heavily punished. There is no redo or mulligans save for retreating and restarting the battle over again.

2. A bit short on the campaign story. I wish there was more expository information.

3. The diversity of the archetypes could have been a bit more diverse. I wish it could be a bit more dynamic.

Replay value of this can be very low. It is slightly repetitive. Even multi-player can go so far.

The things I did like:
1. Simple to understand battle mechanics.
2. Nice graphics and use of colors.
3. Great diversity of archetypes requiring different means of strategy.

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GF Rating


well................... fantastic!

posted by yatcha (PORT EWEN, NY) Aug 25, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

first of all i was very surprised at how good this game was. i thought it would be just like any other ds rpg.... but its not! its fantastic! it will definatly provide you with about 15 to 20 hours of gameplay. :) another good is the battle system. its very original and creative and provides lots of strategy. you are almost controlling an army on the bottom screen and your enemy has an army on the top. its turn based. you make units go together and wait however many turns until it can attack and inflict damage. the story was also surprisingly FANTASTIC! another thing i liked was that each units had abilities that were very useful, original, and creative. certain ones are your only realiability for beating a boss. another thing i found really cool was that you controlled many different heroes and the game braught them together fluently. another good factor was that they only let each of your units go to level 5 and your hero to level 10. which for all you big levelers out there dont worry its a good thing. the thing i really enjoy about this is that i hate leveling and unless you level up with surprise attacks its hard to get past level 8 with any of the warriors. however i found myself needing to get to level 10 once or twice simplay because i couldnt beat the boss without more hp. however only being able to go to level 10 is good because it makes you use your brain and strategy more. another up is that the difficulty factor is perfect. you will find yourself struggling to beat almost every boss and losing several times. the battles are hard without using your brain.

2 complaints. 1 is that it is a little repetitive. 2 is that i found the final boss to be a huge push-over. i found him to be the easiest boss. but those 2 things were nothing major. people who dont like reading:

battle system:10
strategy level: 9

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GF Rating


Might and Magic CLash of Heros

posted by Robin1776 (BAYONNE, NJ) Jun 15, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

Hi! Now a days some games are so complicated that it takes away from the fun of the game. You are so busy looking up hints and tips or
reading a game guide that you lose sight of the pure joy of just picking up a game and playing. I recommend this game to anyone who needs a break from the complex games or someone old like me who enjoys video games but does not have the time or patience to devote to normal RPG games. The only reason it did not get a perfect 10 is because the ending monster is so hard that it does not fit into the game. If the ending monsters grew progressively harder, then I would not have a problem with a tough boss at the end. But in the end, I still won!
Highly recommended, Great Game, Awesome Graphics!

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