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Midnight Play Pack


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GF Rating

38 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Midnight Play Pack
Control Pad
Move Ball Pad (Block Breaker). Up = Use Power Up. Left/Right. Look at Other Players (Poker). Add Spin (Bowling).
A Button
Use Power-Up (Block Breaker). Redo Last Move (Solitaire). Call (Poker). Check (Poker). Increase bet (Poker). Enter Effects Mode (Pool).
B Button
Undo Last Move (Solitaire). Fold (Poker). Decrease Bet (Poker). Show Number on Ball (Pool).
X Button
Suggest Possible Move (Solitaire). Raise (Poker). Bet (Poker). All-In (Poker). Aim at Previous Ball (Pool). Raise Cue Angle (Pool).
Y Button
Send Cards to Stack (Solitaire). See Player's Names and Actions (Poker).
L Button
Use Power-Up (Block Breaker). See Outs and Hand Strength Information (Poker). Enter Camera Mode (Pool). Set Cue to 45-Degree Angle (Pool).
R Button
Use Power-Up (Block Breaker). Information on Current Game (Poker).
Touch Screen
Move Ball Pad (Block Breaker). Use Power-Up (Block Breaker). Move Cards (Solitaire). Send Card to Top Stack (Twice, Solitaire). Drag Chips (Poker). Throw Ball (Bowling). Add Spin(Bowling). Select (Pool).
Pause Menu