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Midnight Club: Los Angeles


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GF Rating


Just spinning my wheels on this rental.

posted by XBLRadio (BIRMINGHAM, AL) Oct 25, 2008

Member since Mar 2006

8 out of 11 gamers (73%) found this review helpful

I'm a fan of the racer. Loved MM3, Moto GP, and the NFS series. (My gamerscroe proves it). But this game was just unpleasant to play.

Don't get me wrong;the graphics are well rendered. I felt like I was cruising L.A. Even the weather and times of day looked nice.

The cars were business as usual for most car games. Also there just isn't that many to choose from. And the ones you start out with don't encourage you to want to play long.

The real problem with this game is GAMEPLAY!

For novice to intermediate gamers it's a real challenge. Not to drive well, but to beat the AI. Your car seems to hit or be hit by anything within a bumbers radius. However the same isn't true for the AI, and this is fricking frustrating.

Most games I would bear down and accept the more difficult challenge, but with so many new games in my game Q I don't feel the need to make myself aggrivated when I'm suppose to be entertained.

However if your a die-hard race pro this challenge may be your thing. Thats why I gave it a average rating and didn't trash it.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Ok game. Kind of unfair.

posted by krichard (AUSTIN, TX) Oct 28, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

18 out of 26 gamers (69%) found this review helpful

It's a good arcade-like game. Don't look for realistic characteristics. If you want realism, try GRID. It is a much better game.

The game is an ok game. Here are some of the things that REALLY annoyed me:

1. Even if you buy the fastest car, challengers will be just as fast (even if they are in a 1998 Eclipse). The game doesn't reward you for purchasing fast cars. Competitors just get faster. I literally beat more events in a Ford Focus than in my Saleen S7. I even experimented by racing more difficult events in my Focus and WON. I raced medium difficulty events in my S7 and lost by miles!

2. The car list is weak. The only good rides are the S7, Lambos, and the Bikes.

3. This game is a huge commercial. Everyone corner you turn, there is an ad. I mean I don't even see that many ads in real life. And since when is there 4 Best Buys in a 1 mile radius? Seriously. Way to sell out.

4. Story is really weak.

5. You don't even get rewarded after beating the game. Usually in racing games you get a massive amount of money to spend. When you beat this game, the next thing you need to do is "WIN $1,000,000." This is the only game I've played that rewarded me with a horribly hard task after beating the game! How fun is that?

6. Even if you won $1M, you already have the fastest car. What else are you going to buy? A 1986 Golf?

Overall, it was a good game to waste time with. I'm glad I have GameFly because I'd be mad if I bought this game.

I'd recommend GRID over this 100X. If you already played GRID, play it again, because you will enjoy it more than this game, even the 2nd time around.

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GF Rating


Good remote flinging fun!

posted by Bahamut63 (PAGOSA SPRINGS, CO) Dec 8, 2008

Member since Nov 2008

10 out of 14 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

I play games to relax and defeat a minor challenge now and again. The thought of playing a game that makes you mad enough to hurl your remote through the TV is ludicrous! If I wanted one chance to fail/win odds, I'd play... life, which I'm trying to escape from momentarily in the first place so it defeats the purpose.

This game is beautiful, the rendering is awesome, the vehicles are great and the racing is okay. I find the AI to be a little tough however, and I'm probably an average racer. The thing that makes me volcanic is the propensity of the game to tank me in the last few seconds of a race. Come around a corner wrong, WHAM, you lose. Miss a turn? You lose. It's frustrating after you’ve raced a few minutes only to culminate in a loss.

One of the other problems is a lack of clearly defined progression. Everyone's cars seem to run a little faster than yours no matter how much money you dump in them.

It was a great effort Rockstar, but I have to recommend skipping it to anyone that reads this. I find the Need For Speed Series to be of the same genre, but much more forgiving and enjoyable.

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