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You must play this game

posted by dfcannon (REDMOND, WA) Oct 15, 2010

Member since Apr 2008

1 out of 1 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

If you've bothered to check the reviews for this game, then you might as well rent it. This is easily one of the best if not most satisfying racing games ever and I've played every racing game on the Xbox.

Being able to drive around in a free roam lets you really get the feel of your car to let you pull off maneuvers that will get your heart beating. Flying down a street dodging cars in the rain and neon lights of the city or flyin off a ramp at 200 just feels amazing.

Stop wasting your time reading this. Just get this game already.

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GF Rating

Above Average

More work than it is fun.

posted by XdrStrange (LITTLETON, CO) Dec 13, 2008

Member since Dec 2008

14 out of 18 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

I was really excited about playing this game. Probably more excited do to that I live in L.A. and had the curiosity of how well the city would be replicated. I will not say that the game is bad, however, for the majority of racing fans, I will say this could have used one tweak to make it much better.

Very nicely done. The cars, the streets, and the buildings in the mock L.A. are very well done. While it is true that the game does not have the city spot on it does a great job of including some of the well known spots of L.A. like the Chinese Theater, Pinks, Santa Monica Pier, and even the BestBuy downtown!

I really enjoyed the tracks of the game. All over the map from Snoop Dogg, Kanye, to NIN. In game, the sound of the engines and the screeching tires are well done to the point that you will know if someone if coming up behind you.

This is where the only problem really lies with the game. The races CAN be good, don't get me wrong. The issues is that the AI is so well done, that frankly the game is very, very hard. Chances are that if you wreck in your race you probably will not finish 1st place to beat a part of the story. I did win quite a few a races, however, I never had the feeling of accomplishment when I was done, however, more of a feeling of "finally, I don't have to race that track again." It can get so infuriating with these races. Personally, I tried to give it several tries by winning races and getting a new car and then upgrading. When this is done, the AI opponents match what you have done, so this really eliminates any reason to get a faster and better car because your opponents will too.

This game would have received a much higher score if the playability was better. If you have the patience to retry your races several times, it could be for you. I definitely will not say it is horrible, so give it a rental. It wasn't for me, but it could be for you.


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Good, But not Great

posted by 89foxGT (PORTLAND, OR) Oct 29, 2008

Member since May 2007

7 out of 9 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

In my opinion, this game feels like Rockstar took a step backwards from the last one. I own the last one (Dub Ed.), and i LOVE it. But after playing this one for 4 hours... Its decent, But I don't think i will ever buy it.

It's fun, But it can get a little frustrating. The AI is ALWAYS on your tail, no matter how much money you have in your car... One screw up and your at the back of the pack (and traffic is ALWAYS in the wrong spot at the wrong time, so you see the back often). You don't get a chance to relax like you might in other games, when your car is fully modded... This one you are always fighting to be ahead (even when the car behind you is clearly slower).

Same goes for the cops. These aren't NFS Most wanted cops. They don't go down easily, and their is no tactile things to knock into their way. So each chase lasts quite awhile (i was on the freeway for 10 minutes, going the wrong way weaving in and out of heavy traffic.. and they still stayed on my tail the whole time!!).

And since the cops will come after you for almost anything, Just driving to the race you want to do can be a challenge if the cops keep busting you before you can reach it.

Car selection is another sore spot... I mean, 46 cars isn't a small number at all, But i would have loved to see Trucks/SUVs make a comeback, and a better bike selection.

All in All, its a good game. I do recommend renting, MAYBE buying if you are a real die-hard fan and the rest of this review hasn't killed your spirit. Just make sure you also go to the library and check out a book too, Because you will need something to do while you relax between grueling races, Attempting to get your heart beat back to normal for the next race.

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