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Flat Out or Flop?

posted by MdubMedia (Glastonbury, CT) Nov 12, 2008

Member since Oct 2008

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Nothing delivers to fans of the racing genre like large amounts of customization, fast races and fast cars. Does MC:LA deliver? On some levels, yes. Unfortunately, on many other levels, no.
Let me begin by saying this game is massive. You start off in a sandbox style world with markers indicating your choice of events to enter. Anything from highway races to delivery runs are found on your Google Earth styled map. You'll soon feel almost overwhelmed by the large amounts of choices. It doesn't end there. MC:LA also has tons of modifications for licensed cars. Everything from widebody kits to tire size ( that actually shows ) to performance parts are at your disposal. And that's where the excitement ends. The first major flaw comes from the A.I. At first, they are pretty reasonable in the skill level department, but soon you will find that even the fastest car cannot save you from your opponent making that last second boost over the finish line before you. Now, this wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that these races are generally over 5 minutes long. It's one thing to get beaten, but not when you've had a steady lead for 7 minutes, only to be beat in the last second by a stock 1983 VW Golf. Other than the unforgiving A.I. the only other "flaw" is how hard it is to make a lot of money. You have all these great cars and motorcycles with endless possibilities, but it takes so much money to buy an exhaust system for your Mercedes SL500 that you'll be racing for hours just to get it. Overall, the game looks great, plays great and is a solid title in the racing genre. If you have the patience and can look past it's flaws you'll find a street racing game that will keep you busy for a very long time.

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Very Good

great game

posted by lowlobo (FLAGSTAFF, AZ) Feb 8, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

17 out of 18 gamers (94%) found this review helpful

This is an amazing game if your into the whole racing and modifying scene. the details in the cars and environment are crisp. the only downfall to the game was that it seemed a little difficult compared to other games of this genre. the thing that makes them hard is that the computers players are trickier and a little faster which actually does give it more of a realistic feel. the game overall is great and i highly recommend it to anyone who is into street racing

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Finally A Racing Game With A Challenge!

posted by Sabrewulf (SEYMOUR, CT) Jan 7, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

31 out of 35 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

I'll start this review by saying that Midnight Club: LA is a HUGE game. There are the usual tournament races, drag races and the like, but then the game tosses in "Red Light" races [Race One-on-One to a preset point once the light goes green] and "Delivery Missions" [In which you deliver a customer's car to a set location in under a certain amount of time].

After a few missions, to get you familiar with the controls, you are given free reign to attempt the races offered in any order you like.

If you feel like just taking a drive around town you are rewarded for doing so by finding "RockStar Collectibles" that unlock things like having the ability to never damage out of a race or remove the police from the streets as you drive around town.

Controls in MC:LA are the usual fare: Triggers control your gas and brake pedals, the face buttons control your handbrake and gear changes [if you like to run your car with a manual transmission] and the Back/Select Button brings up your overhead map.

Most races are run against a single opponent with some races and tournaments against up to seven other drivers.

The most common race type is a "Checkpoint" style race in which you travel from point to point on a map boosting and forcing your way towards the finish line. There are also "Freeway Races" in which you race along the expansive LA highway system for points and cold hard cash.

The variety of races doesn't end there, but you get the idea: There are a LOT of different race types to keep you busy.

All makes and models are represented in the game from the lowly ones you select from at the beginning to high output Lamborghini vehicles that can easily exceed 200MPH.

Most racing games follow a set formula: Buy the best car and dominate the other racers. You can't do that have to EARN your victories.

If you like a racing game that won't put you to sleep with how easy you can win; Midnight Club: LA is the game for you!

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