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Very Good

Picking up where Need for Speed has fallen

posted by firebirdud (GAINESVILLE, FL) Aug 5, 2009

Member since May 2009

15 out of 16 gamers (94%) found this review helpful

Great selection of real name-brand cars and mods. Graphics are "acceptable" but nothing special. However the cars look genuine inside and out. A lot of the posted traits of the cars are true to life. Example, the RX8 handles very well in the tuner category but is a little slower on acceleration. The city contains real stores such as Best Buy, Game Stop, T-Mobile, etc. There ARE police in this game and they do chase you occasionally. Although it's not very often and they're easy to lose in the city. On the highway it's a little tougher until you get the fast exotic cars. I have never seen the police use any tactics or bust out a helicopter.

Gameplay. First, light posts and trees may as well not exist. You NEVER wreck if you hit one. Even dead on at 150mph. The game just "pushes" you to one side or the other of the tree/post. On the note of wrecking, there is "somewhat realistic" vehicle damage. If your car gets too much damage, you're out of the race. However this NEVER happens because it's so unrealistic. I know it would suck if everytime you smashed into a car, you were forced to drop out. But it take literally 8-9 head on collisions at 150mph to damage out. Even decently hard impacts on buildings often dont move the meter at all. Weather. It does rain occasionally, however it doesn't seem to have much, if any, effect on driving.

Bugs. Well I think the tree/post thing is kinda a bug. But one honest one I have found is when you're between races in a series and you choose to "repair your vehicle before the next race," the car still appears wrecked at the starting line even though your damage meter is now at zero.

I have spent the majority of my review picking apart the game. Basically just to note the downfalls of what would keep this game from getting a perfect 10. I love this game. Nobody who is a Need for Speed fan will dislike this game.

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GF Rating


awsome game!!!!!

posted by djh888 (PEORIA, AZ) May 12, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

21 out of 24 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

Just played midnight club L.A. & i dont know why it is getting such a bad review.
I think it is way better than nfs undercover.

Great game!!!!!
a must see to believe game, dont listen to all the neg stuff.
judge for yourself.

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A little mind-numbing

posted by photek (PALM SPRINGS, FL) Feb 27, 2012

Member since Dec 2004

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I really enjoyed Midnight Club DUB Edition when it was released, and i thought i would enjoy this title just as much, but i was wrong, the selection of cars is great, as well as the customization, but from what i saw that was the only two good points of the game.

The race mechanics are horrible, car stability is rough, AI others have said are almost completely immune to any traffic or crashes, making it difficult for you to catch up if you make a mistake.

Earning money is a bit difficult, i found myself running race after race only to realize i've only earned a tiny amount of $2,000, so more often than not, i would only be adding 1 or 2 parts to my car at a time, and to only find out it didnt make much of an improvement as far as performance.

The storyline to me was a joke, i honestly could do without these "thugish, im better than you, prove yourself story lines."

The sound track wasn't all that that impressive either, i actually turned the music off, not everyone listens to rap, which is what i found most of the songs to be.

This game had a potential to be great, but it fell short, with lack of cooperative AI, car physics, and graphics. I actually felt as though i was playing a PS2 game.

This game is worth a rent and maybe a day or more of play time, but i wouldn't suggest paying for this game.

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