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Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix

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Very Good

Race more cars for bigger profit

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Jan 7, 2007

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It's bigger, but is it better? While I have played better racing games, I'd have to to say Midnight Club 3 is the best underground street racer I've played. And while the gameplay separates itself from other street racing games, it has it's benefits and problems. With the advent of Remix, Midnight Club comes back to the table with more cars, more tunes and a whole new city: Tokyo. Some things I liked in Midnight Club 3 over other street racers were the extensive customization options, variety of vehicles you race and large collection of licensed music. Something you might notice in the overall gameplay is that Midnight Club keeps it's city wide open for all but a couple races. Now, while this is more realistic (I mean, who would really put up immovable road blocks for an illegal street race?) it also becomes the cause of frustrating moments. You will get seriously lost amongst rows of skyscrapers looking for your next checkpoint, while everyone else passes you by. There isn't much different in the gameplay of Remix, but you will have city races that unlock tournaments and this time around some tournaments are based on class, not type. Get ready to buy back that class D tuner you dumped long ago, because you'll need it. And that brings me to the best part of Remix: taking your save game from the original and transferring it effortlessly to the new game. That's right, you won't have to start from scratch if you've played before. The frame rate stays steady, the races are plentiful and there is plenty of incentive to play. Winning league races unlocks new parts, vehicles and cash to trick out your ride. And what a selection of rides you have: sport bikes, choppers, exotics, tuners, trucks/SUVs and luxury cars. With tournaments, street racer challenges and optional races over four cities, there's plenty of content. The Tokyo Challenge adds enough content to warrant playing the Remix edition. Rockstar got this one right. Enjoy the extended ride.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Right On The Money

posted by cem3340 (FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA) Apr 17, 2006

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6 out of 7 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

The Good

The controls are solid, the sense of speed is excellent, and the added cars and parts are nice.

The Bad

The music engine is clunky. Finding the tune you want to race to can be a painful task. Cut scenes are not exactly high art, and the story line is remarkably unexciting.

Bottom Line

Check it out. Solid and enjoyable.

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Bomb Racing Game....

posted by Acevedo (PICO RIVERA, CA) Jun 13, 2006

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For a platinum hits, adding a whole new map is something unheard off... But R star hit it off, man can they make a gamer happy...

Anyway Dub edition remix, is pretty much the same game as MC3, the only difference is and added map, and vehicles...
Not bad for 20 bucks, I say... If you didn't buy MC3 this is you're time, you'll have plenty of satisfying hours in story mode...I say the only drawback is the somewhat limited players you find on Xbox live, though you'll find people showing their new rides and hydraulic skills...and for all the haters, This is no simulation game by any means, so PS2 lovers don't come talking smack, and comparing to your beloved GT4...This a clean game for anyone, tons of fun, just customizing and racing, so if that's you're thing go ahead and rent....I doesn't hurt 2 try.....

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