Rent Metropolismania for PS2
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Stage 2 - thief

In stage 2, a person with the last name of Nekoda (or something similar) is doing the smuggling and she is the thief. To catch her, keep asking about the thief. She will eventually admit to it.

In stage 1, get big applications by Lyndsey Cruz

Erika Martin (Apartment) Henry Thomas (Farm) Dennis Park (Music Shop) Sonic MacMean (Steel Mill) Marky Mayfield (Ice Cream Factory) Charles Duncan (Senior citizen) Clark Duncan (Family) Mario McKinnie (Fishing Pond) Charles Warner Jr. (Family) Hitomi Nekoda (Apartment) Luc S. Abe (Family) Jiro Mclean (Daycare Center)

In stage 1, get applications by Montague Wang

Mike Thorpe (Family) Joseph Mallory (Family) Donald Costa (Event Planner) Andrew Kipp (Senior Citizen) Jesus Harrison (Toy Shop) Laurie McClung (Printing) Jasper Kline (Cinema) David Andrews (Arcade) Abner Dubbleplay (Family) Pat Alden (Game Room) Greg McVey (Apartment) Gerik Last (Newspaper Office)