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posted by GameflyMan (MAPLE VALLEY, WA) Aug 31, 2006

Member since Apr 2005

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Metroid Prime is not a bad game and it is not a great game it simply floats at the top of 'okay' games. Once again the player takes on the roll of Samus in her struggle against space pirates, metroids and more. This time however the effort falls a bit short.

First the good:

Graphics, they look great, are crisp, nice lighting effects etc, no complaints here.

Music, the score is nice, appropriate for each location, brings good tension at the right moments.

Level design was interesting although backtracking is a drag.

The so-so:

Storyline is alright.

Replay - there is a hard mode, you can get 100% scan/items.....

The terrible:

The gameplay is awful. It feels very clunky. You walk around in 1st person perspective, if you see a bad guy you press the L1 to lock on and press fire or missile, that's about it. You can aim manually with R1 also but you cannot manually aim and walk at the same time. The problem this posses is if an enemy does flank you, you cannot turn fast which makes sense in a huge suit but it feels clunky none the less.

Your evasive action is reduced to a strafe jump basically. So a typical fight would be lock-on, strafe jump, regular jump, move left and right in a circle and fire. If they flank you then hope they fly back in front of you or your going to have to painfully turn to reacquire lock.

In summary: You have a graphically pleasing game with a so-so story and a clunky movement design, had this not carried the Metroid brand name your looking at a sold 6 or 7 by most gave reviews, instead of the 9.7 etc from Gamespot.

I wanted to like this game, I wanted to love it, but its just okay. I think the same game done from a 3rd person perspective(like Zelda: Windwaker) would have worked much better.

Final Score - 6.

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long and somewhat boring

posted by shadey74 (POTTSTOWN, PA) Jul 26, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

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Graphics are decent. Gameplay is a bit tedious. You have to keep killing the same stuff over and over again. For instance, if you clear a room, leave, than come back, all the enemies are back. This takes away alot of satisfaction for me, I like killing everything and than having free roam of the place. Now, in a normal linear game, thats not a problem because revisiting old rooms isn't necessary but this game is free roaming. You have to go through everything multiple times to get secret items.
There is also alot of bs as far as having to scan everything.
There was 1 cool aspect. Rolling around in a ball is fun. I really can't think of anything else.
I just didn't have the patience at all. I didn't for the original metroid either. I was glad I only rented this!

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posted by JPCCool (Shiloh, OH) Apr 20, 2009

Member since Aug 2007

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this is a pretty cool game but i did not relise that if you had a wii you could not save you have to buy a seprate card for the wii

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